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Words..and all that!

Books were her constant company. Not only because she loved how her imagination takes all the space available to bring life to characters there, but also because she knew she could always control the 'ending'.



Ever since I was a child, I found my inclination towards everything 'fancy' and beautiful. Loving fashion didn't come as a surprise there. Finding pretty things in real life was one thing; but I always took it to my books to find pretty places, people and possibilities whenever the 'real' world disappointed me.


Then came my graduation and my (first) post graduation where I chose literature as my majors. Getting surrounded by novels and stories became a loved scenario. And then came words!


Words, that were there when I couldn't speak. Words, that were there when there were no ears around. Words that filled up those insomniac nights and rose before those suns every morning.



Today, it's not 'only words' that I have. But how these words have grown with me and evolved with age; it's that experience that I carry with my words and keep it as my constant company.


Get The Look:

A-line Denim Skirt: Cotton On

Sweat Top: River Island

Backpack: Holii

Tie-up Flats: Ruby Shoes

Watch: Daniel Wellington


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