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Women in Leadership: Let’s Empower an Equal Environment for them

We are the women. The ones blessed with the ability to create the world. The fairer of the sexes!

But being fairer of the sexes; is that really enough? In fact, the term ‘fairer’ is incorrect to use in this context. We are as fair as our counterparts! As capable as the men in society! And deserve equal rights and opportunities as men. Much has been said, heard, written and read about this subject. But hardly anything has been able to generate the results they were supposed to in first place.

This world is still living in the delusional view of men being able to handle the world and its fancies in a better way.


We all are living in a patriarchal society where the man of the family earns and woman nurtures. There are several examples of women winning it all and performing better than men in our routine lives. Even today, we can take examples from our routine life, how a woman is projected weaker and is prone to humiliation and harassment everywhere. Be it any sector, or industry, no matter how flexible the rules are, women are projected much weaker. And the reasons given are as lame as women being emotional. Yes! We are! And we’re proud on our emotions.

But women are much more than just a mixed bag of emotions. We need to do a shout-out and let the world know of our capabilities. Here’s my bit on how organisations should support the fairer sex and what measures could be taken.


1.       Higher Percentage of Women Employees: There should be a specific rate of percentage decided for number of women employees. Each team, whether financial or cultural, should incorporate one women employee compulsion rule to ensure equal learning opportunities for women. In fact, women should be given equal chances to make a profile shift and proper trainings and certifications should be provided by the companies.


2.       Problem Solving Desks: Almost every effluent organisation has an HR help desk for employees who face any kind of organisational or corporate fuss. But we highly recommend a special help desk for women, in association with an NGO. This would make the entire women employees safe and motivate them towards achieving better goals.


3.       Trainings and Psycho Therapies: Blame it onto our society, culture or upbringing; women are even today facing ‘pun’ and ‘sarcasm’ even on higher hierarchy. Women should be taught and trained to not accept such things happening to them ever. And they should have rights to nominate the culprit secretly to psycho therapies provided by office HR policies. This ways, the culprit would understand that such things are not accepted in corporate environment and also, women can become more open towards such incidences.


4.       Publishing Women Success Stories: Every office, be it any industry, should start and promote corporate communication and awards. Also, publishing success stories of women across industries and companies would inspire more women to participate and nominate themselves. Women are strong human beings, and if motivated properly, they are capable enough of achieving greater heights.



5.       Flexible Work Culture: Since the seeds of humanity were planted, women are taught, expected and forced to sacrifice their dreams and degrees in order to nurture their families and households. Also, the rigid work culture makes them reluctant towards joining any full-time job. Hence, a flexible working culture, where the only aim is to achieve 100% productivity and not attendance should be maintained in offices across. This ways, not only women, but even men would acquire a 100% dedicated performance.


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Rashi Gaur



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