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Woman with a Magic Wand: Mandira Koirala

As a Luxury Marketing and Communications expert, Mandira Koirala has carved a niche for herself in the fashion industry. Mandira’s forte resides in fundamentally understanding the Brand Identity. Her distinguished personal & professional network makes her an invaluable resource on various fronts, both in India and internationally. Her aim is to introduce Indian fashion on an international platform and explore the potential of entering new markets.

Being the Director of The Koirala Group, Mandira successfully runs three companies: The Ladybird Effect, Stylemark and Exclusively Little People. BM talks to her about her journey towards success and life.


BM: Being an entrepreneur was destined. But entering into so many business ventures needs courage; tell us the story behind it.

Mandira:  I started my career in India in 2005 in the fashion industry concentrating on marketing and branding with Star Magna. I took a sabbatical when I had my kids and came back rebranded as Lady Bird Effect, looking to expand in the event space not only sticking to fashion, but my heart was still there in the fashion industry because my dream is to take India, international.

Thus, came Stylemark which styles Bollywood right now and we are in conversations to expand to Hollywood as well.

Then came Exclusively Little People, for the simple reason – I couldn’t find good quality clothes for my kids, especially Indian and ethnic wear. I was searching for such kids wear range that is priced decently and doesn't make a hole in the pocket. My fashion background made designing come naturally to me. Hence, I started ELP where I personally work with the senior designer making it possible for me to handle The Koirala Group.

BM: When did you realize that your ambition lies in the field of business?

Mandira:  I don’t think it was a realization. I think growing up in a business family, it just came naturally.

BM: From a kids fashion venture to styling and events solutions; life must not have been easy for you. Who or what has been your major inspiration behind leading a rock star life?

Mandira:  My basic inspiration has been the goals I wanted to reach, and that drives me to get up every morning and give 500% to what I love.

BM: Exclusive Little People is about kids fashion and garments. What trends are prevailing in this season when it comes to kids’ fashion?

Mandira:  Each age group is different and we have to cater to each age group. So we are actually working directly with children in those age groups to help us with designs. They tell us what the trends are.

BM: We know Mandira as a successful entrepreneur.  How is Mandira as a person?

Mandira:  In my personal space my kids come first. I am a family person and would rather stay home, have friends come over and watch a good movie than going out.

BM: What challenges you faced and what according to you is the biggest advantage of being a Woman Entrepreneur in India?

Mandira:  Major challenges I have faced are in the events working with the labor because I am  very hands on. But now I let my team handle it so it’s not a challenge anymore.

I don’t think there’s an advantage being a woman, as there is no difference between man and woman in today’s world.

BM: Stylemark is a style solutions based portal. What is Mandira’s personal style when it comes to casual, work or party?

Mandira: My personal style is pants teamed up with casual tops, because in the industry I am associated to, I can be comfortable this way. 

For parties I love my high heels and LOUBOUTINS, a little glitter and lots of glamour.

BM: Talking about Lady Bird Effect, it is an event based venture. How open are people in India to experiments and theme based events?

Mandira:  People in India today are very open and ready to experiment. They allow us to think out of the box, being able to deliver their dreams to them.

BM: What are your future plans? What can Stylemark and Lady Bird Effect customers and followers expect in your future services?

Mandira:  For Stylemark we’re looking towards entering the bridal space and starting a new concept of designing a wardrobe, keeping our clients in mind, especially for them.

Lady Bird Effect; we’re setting up our own properties and looking at getting a lot of International talent in. So Look Out For Us!

BM: One piece of advice for all the females who are getting inspired from you right now..

Mandira:  Don’t be scared to follow your dreams and don’t let anything stop you. Do not give up until you get there. 

– Compiled and Edited by- Rashi Gaur


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