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WIFW Files: In Conversation with Designer Nachiket Barve

Some people are totally ‘High’ on life, and the same phrase fits well for designer nachiket barve and his collection of beautiful garments. Wills India Fashion Week for Spring Summer’13 happened to me recently and I got a chance to meet various ‘Fashion’ people. nachiket barve was one of them. Humble, Modest and Good looking gentleman; these three phrases go in sync with the designer’s persona.

He was unwell and down with fever, but you had to talk to him about fashion, and there he is; lively and energized. Now that’s inspiring. Ain’t it?

nachiket barve

Blah and More: You bleed fashion; did you always know yourself as a Fashion Designer?

Nachiket Barve: Fashion was something I always was keen on; however coming from a family of doctors, I decided to pursue first before taking the plunge. Sketching, drawing, colours and nature always fascinated me, even as a child.

BM: Being in this industry brings a lot of challenges. How has been your journey so far?

Nachiket Barve: Challenging, but extremely fulfilling. Everyday there’s something new to learn, more obstacles to conquer, and new joys in creating and discovering.

BM: Such an awesome work needs a lot of inspiration. Where do you find it?

Nachiket Barve: Everywhere around… from people, to nature, to the National Geographic Channel, to museums, to dreams. It’s a constant process, like filing away words in a dictionary to use at will.

BM: What a colorful collection Nachiket. What colors would you say, describe your wardrobe perfectly?

Nachiket Barve: My wardrobe? It’s a laugh… BLACK, BLACK, BLACK, some blue, some brown and some white.  All the colours in my studio and on the runway are enough.

BM: Nachiket Barve’s Hacienda is being loved and is amongst our favorites on WIFW ramp. How would you define it?

Nachiket Barve: Imaginative, creative, contemporary, Indian meets global, and relevant to women everywhere.

BM: Very Chic, very feminist; WIFW saw Barve in a colorful mood. What other sides of him apart from fashion are hidden from the readers?

Nachiket Barve: An avid reader, traveller, wildlife photographer, animal lover, pet addict, foodie and chef, family guy and a wee bit neurotic!

BM: Beautiful ethnic patterns were seen during the show. What would be the major trends on the look of the garment for SS13?

Nachiket Barve: Transparency, delicacy, off colours, peplums, bermudas, saris, pencil skirts, capes, jumpsuits and unusual colour combinations

BM: After a grand success at WIFW SS13, what is marked next on Nachiket’s calendar?

Nachiket Barve: Preparing for my wedding in Jan 2013, shilling fashion week immediately, and a lot of trunk shows and previews across the country in the next 4 months! Phew!

BM: Any Style Tip for our readers?

Nachiket Barve: Trust your instinct; else trust a stylist. Stay true to your own identity than try and be everyone else. Fashion should make you happy, not stress you out.

Complied and Edited by – Rashi Gaur


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