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Wear your Eye-sight Perfectly

Vision or sight as we know it, is one of those strong senses without which our sustenance is crippled. A clear vision is a delight to the mind and soul and should be cherished for life. Bane of poor eyesight was a woe to ponder upon in the past but with science to administer our lives we have delightfully overcome the issue of blurred vision by an effective instrument called “The Contact Lenses”.  A pair of Contact lens as we know, is a medical device which is worn on the surface of our eyes to correct our vision.

Gone are the days of thick rimmed old school glasses which would make you look ages older; well that’s a different scenario that those very old school frames are back in vogue! However talking of blurred vision, Contact lenses have caused quite a stir in the lives of people craving for hassle free corrected vision. This invention is handy, compatible and takes you miles away from the dread of spectacles which leave behind a nasty mark on your nose with time.


However since every invention has its bane with the boon, lenses hold some glitches too. Most of which is caused due to not wearing the lenses properly. Well let BM guide you through the steps of wearing your compatible eyesight efficiently.

Step 1: We know those hands of yours have been everywhere, so make sure you rinse them thoroughly

Step 2: Take the lenses out and ensure that they are in proper shape and not folded inside out.

Step 3: Everything right starts from right direction, so place the lenses on to your right eye first by placing it on your index finger and then gently place it on your iris (the circular coloured part of the eye).

Step 4: Once the lens is placed let go of the lower eyelid first followed by the upper eyelid, blink gently to avoid irritation.

Step 5: Repeat the same with your left eye.

Here’s a detailed process!

These measures are not just meant for those seeking clear vision from powered lenses but also goes for those who crave for hazelnut or Sea Green eyes on special occasions. Those decorative contact lenses, if not worn correctly, could cause eye infections which at times lead to blindness too.

As much as we’d like you to stay fashionable, we would also urge you to ensure safety while you do so and to wear your lenses correctly. Also ensure that these contact lenses are bought from authentic and medically referred stores.

So to all the readers out there, BM wishes you a Safe and Lovely Eyesight and Sexy Lenses as well! 

-Rashmi Singh


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