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We screamed ‘Couture’ at India Couture Week 2014

Indian Fashion Industry is at its all-time high, as Fashion Weeks in India are changing their course of action every season. What started out as ‘giving more importance to technology and digital presence’ during Wills India Fashion Week AW’14, has now come to ‘revamping the property of Delhi Couture Week as India Couture Week’. The aim is to present India on International platforms as a ‘Fashionably Advanced’ country.

Recently BM witnessed the first season of India Couture Week, held in New Delhi scheduled from 15th July’14 to 20th July 2014. This event being owned by Fashion Design Council of India, was sponsored by Logix Group and partnered by Shree Raj Mahal Jewelers.

We, at BM believe it was more than a fashion extravaganza. It was a visual retreat and here we report more than one reasons for you to believe us.



The Sabyasachi Fashion Express: Bollywood’s favorite designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee presented his collection ‘Ferozabad’ in the form of luxury express train. Where real people were showcased as passengers who carried luxury shoes and bags with them, the models were Live Mannequins walking in and out of this train. We could see the passengers chatting with each other and following their usual routine. The ramp was set in a horizontal way which gave the show an International feel.

CM3_6784 CM3_6420

The French Art Museum of Monisha Jaising: When real painters doing live portraits on ramp, it definitely gives a visual delight. That’s what happened at Monisha Jaising’s show when she presented her ‘World Bride’. There cannot be a better example of two different forms of art coming parallel.

CM3_8785 CM3_8791

Manish Arora’s Nomadic ‘Indian’ at the French Embassy: We always knew Manish Arora’s show would be a ‘little different’ and a ‘little exciting’. He indeed went a ‘little International’ while he presented his collection ‘Indian’ at The French Embassy of India. The French ambassador to India, Francois Richier played host at Manish Arora’s couture show for this season.

CM3_2041 CM3_2322

Ambience at Rimple & Harpreet Narula: The audiences went ‘Wow’ when Rimple & Harpreet Narula presented their Eternal Wanderlust Collection. The Sufi music, the feel, the Urdu poetry being played in the background; everything gave a Persian feel. Siberian and Moroccan desserts played as the background vision added up to the ambience.  

CM3_0071 CM3_0439

Larger than Life Grand Finale by SRM Jewelers: When Shree Raj Mahal Jewelers presented their Grand Finale 'Parinay' at ICW2014, we already had expected it to be full of grandeur and rich feel. But as with all The FDCI shows, this one too surpassed our expectations on being larger than life. The huge chandeliers, live Qawallis, changing music genres, and a whole bunch of stars; everything spoke a grand language and gave a grand feel. 

-Rashi Gaur


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