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VeeV: A must-have free app for every Fashionista

The planet is going digital and our fashion industry is actively a part of technology. What started off with e-commerce and online shopping solutions, has now taken one step ahead in the form of  Mobile Apps. And why shouldn't it be? Our smart phone generation is more than happy with this revolutionary change.

One such app that was discovered by me and friends recently is VeeV, which is an advanced image processing application. It aims at  helping you keep a track and manage your entire fashion collection giving you an information on all your clothes and accessories and also the events and people who witnessed your amazing style.  

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Your one stop solution to all your closet styling and managing needs, VeeV is an easy and hassle free app to use, available for Android and iOS users. Five easy steps like, Adding an item, Add Information about that item using easy drop-down menus based on categories, Adding event and people with whom you attended that event. Simple! Now let your Veev be your styling guide.

Being a fashionista is not an easy job at all (however, fancy and easy it may look otherwise). You have to look your best and set a fashion/styling example for your followers. No matter how's your mood like, you just cannot pick "just anything" from your collection and get ready in 5 minutes time. That's where this app cames as a savior. It made my life a lot easier. Especially on the closet and styling front.

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A Fresh New Style for Every Event: If you're a fashionista or a fashion blogger attending back to back fashion events, you'd understand the horror of repeating your garments and style. And remembering each and every event and what you wore is not possible. That's why you'd need VeeV to keep a track on what you wore the last launch party or bloggers' meet. You'd also get to know who all have already seen you wearing that garment and whether it's safe to wear that garment fashionably.

Structured and Managed Closet: I have a problem! Each time I look into my wardrobe, I feel I need a new one and a much bigger one. Especially for the sake of all the pretty garments that are hidden somewhere in the stack of clothes and the ones that I have completely forgotten about. VeeV has come out as a perfect solution to this problem.

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Reduced Shopping Acts: Being a shopaholic, I am absolutely in love with this app. Whenever I feel I need to visit the mall or online shopping destinations, just one look at my VeeV collections and its easier for me to resist buying things I don't need, or things similar to the ones hanging in my closet. More than me, it's my hubby who loves VeeV for obvious reasons.

Styling Shoots on Finger-tips: We all know the pain of stacking clothes, shoes and accessories at different places. And while you're planning to style a shoot, it takes ages and sometimes more trials due to the same reason. But now, VeeV made it super convenient for all of us to plan and conceptualise all our shoots all at the ease of our fingertips.

Hassle free Travel: I love travelling but absolutely hate when it comes to packing for the same. I always end up carrying a lot of extra luggage; of course, the reasons remain the same. Who has time after all to try out each and every look one plans for each day of vacation? But with VeeV, we can do that, easily. All we need is to have a look at our collections in the app, and it's all sorted.

Rashi Gaur


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