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Everyone is talking about accessorising. Accessorising from head to toe!  While, we keep on talking much about what neckpieces to wear and what bags to carry, BM pulls out some awesome hair accessories trend to carry off this season.


1.   Bows

Remember Mini Mouse wearing the red bow on her head. Yes, exactly that one! So, shy not wearing one on yourself too.  Hair accessories in bows come in clips, bands etc. Let’s go back and live the child the childhood again.

2.   Lace hair bands

With the lace fabric and lace print being so popular in dresses and tops, headgears in lace are too trending in these days. Especially the ones with white lace showing off beautifully on dark hair. Look for wired headbands with laces stuck all over.

3.   Feather hangs

From necklaces to earrings, feathers also look lovely on hair. Earlier popular in extensions, they now also come in small hairclips and tic-tics and also as hanging pins. Look for neon colours like green, orange, pink etc. to accentuate your dreamy hair.

4.   Boho band

Get inspired from the Boho era. A classic headband on your forehead makes the spirit feel alive and happy. The look turns out to be liberal and unique. Try Boho bands with colourful beads to get a pretty yet confident look.

5.   Oversized flowers

Flowers are never out of style. They just get small or big. For head accessories trending this winter, flowers just got a little bigger. You will find pretty girls carrying a big flower over their head. Mostly made with tic-tacs and clips, oversized flowers looks beautiful in single colors in net and embellishments.

6.   Studded clips

With music and studded fashion being so popular among teenagers, studs have become a part of the elementary dressing. Why not add them on headgears to add on to the stud fashion? Shiny little metallic shapes on your hair make the look studded!

7.   Scarves

Tying scarves around your hair in different styles is another trick to dress up in fabulous head accessories. Scarves come in a variety of prints, colors and textures that gives your looks versatility. 


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