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Top Ten “Be Safe” Tips for This Summer

It’s that time of the year when the sun is preparing itself to pour its harshness in the form of scorching heat. The very famous source of Vitamin D can be too cruel onto your skin and health, if not taken seriously. Yes Fellas! Summers are here! Here is your guide to prepare yourself to be playful and fresh under the harsh clutches of the Sun.



1.       Protect yourself from Pollution and Dust: We know how we all would just love to sit back at home and relax, but our commitments just do not allow us avoiding the sun. Protecting ourself from the pollution and dust can be of enormous help. Not only pollution and dust makes our skin go dead, but breathing in such an environment affects our health badly. Pair of sunglasses, a stylish scarf and a color blocking umbrella, are your three best friends that would here to stay all through the season. Play around with colors and styles, and make sure you do not compromise upon your style quotient.

2.       Eat Well: Being lethargic and dull; if that’s how you would like to describe yourself during this heat, you are taking too much onto yourself. A loss of appetite is a common symptom during the summer season, and eating well is the only solution to avoid falling sick during the heat. Eating less may lead to problems like, heat stroke and loss of immunity. Feed yourself with a highly nutritious diet to keep yourself healthy and active throughout.

3.       More Water Intake: Sweat and high humidity level define summer season and the evaporation process on mother earth makes the season worse. The general loss of water in the body tampers with the blood-water balance in the human body. One basic habit that can avoid a majority of health problems is drinking eight to ten glasses of water every day. Your meals should include juices and watery fruits to meet up the amount of water required by a human body.

4.       Make Sunscreen your Soul mate: Irritation, allergies, rashes and suntan are a few common skin problems that are a result of being in direct contact with summer heat. Using a good sunscreen over the exposed area is the only solution to avoid skin damage. Before buying a sunscreen, always see the contents and SPF levels of the product. The different SPF levels are made according to the melanin type of the skin and the duration of sun exposure.

5.       Cover your Body: Blame it on the rising temperature levels during the season or our natural instinct to be stylish, we end up wearing sun-dresses and spaghetti straps during summers. But the ultra violet rays of the heat god are searching our exposed skin everywhere. And the result is tanned and damaged skin, which can go up to extreme levels like eczema and even skin cancer. Avoid wearing such clothes during the peak hours of the day i.e. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and you can save your skin from the worst damage.

6.       Moisturize the Skin Well: Dry skin is the major cause of early ageing and stretch marks. And even during the summers, skin is prone to dryness, because of the perspiration process. To keep the skin’s glow intact and to avoid premature ageing process, moisturizing the skin with a good moisturizer is a must even during the heat. You can choose the body moisturizer with SPF contents to make it suitable for sun exposure.

7.       Avoid Direct AC: Air conditioning makes the environment comfy and relaxing. But too much of AC contact can be bad for your skin and hair. It takes away the natural moisture from the skin which makes it prone to excessive dryness. Also the gas used in a majority of Air Conditioning units harms the skin tones. Avoid prolonged direct contacts with ACs, and if it becomes unavoidable, make sure that the skin is moisturized properly.

8.       Hair Care: If summers make hair filthy because of humidity, the pollution makes it too dry and unmanageable. Taking care of hair becomes even more important during this season. Washing them regularly using a good shampoo is not enough. Conditioning them is also necessary, as it avoids the roughness. Investing in good spa product can bless your hair with a healthy glow.

9.       Work it Out: Closed pores of skin are a deadly sin if you are looking for a beautiful and healthy skin. Allow skin to sweat and get open pores to avoid acne and blackheads to appear. Any physical activity that makes the skin perspire it naturally would do wonders to the skin. For that matter, yoga is a great example of a regular work-out session. Not only it helps in maintaining good skin, but it also releases stress to make your life hassle-free and motivated.

10.   Indulge in Cotton Luxury: What you wear would define your mood. And nothing comes to the mind except for Cotton, when choosing a fabric for summers. This skin loving fabric is not only soft on your skin, but is also easy to be taken care of. Whether you are dressing up for work, or a shopping spree, a cotton attire would make you feel relaxed and fresh. It is available in a variety of silhouettes, let it be a saree or a sundress, play it safe and stylish all during the heat showers.

Summers are getting worse each year but they cannot make us compromise on our playful mood. All you need is to follow these simple steps and you are ready to challenge the season in a healthy and safe mode.

Rashi Gaur


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