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Throwback 2014: Trends language from A to Z

Another year is waving us a ‘Bye’ and we realized that even 365 days are lesser to try all the trends on the fashion radar. Blah and More brings your way a quick throwback to all the major trends that rocked the fashion planet this year. Speak this stylish language, from A to Z, the BM way.


Androgyny: People who believe in blurring out gender issues, this term is a big social revolution. But this year, it came out loud as a bold fashion statement across the planet.

Bikers’ Jacket: What a powerful tool to look chic, stylish, glamorous and luxe, all the same time. Bikers’ jacket has ruled every outfit this year and was seen at every level; from ramp to streets.

Crop Tops: There has been nothing bigger on trends than cropped length. And crop tops were seen everywhere, in every form, all this year. From sarees to skirts; these were a rage.

Denim Rules: If there was a way to measure how much denim was spread across the fashion globe, then 2014 would have won the race. From jackets to dresses, and sarees to accessories; denim has been one king trend.

Ear Cuffs: Earrings took a wild shape this year as Ear-cuffs. Chains, studs, water drop shapes, baroque style and simple rings; 2014 saw it all.

Floral Chills: Florals has always been a summery affair, but 2014 saw a different version of it in Winter Florals. With darker hued backgrounds, this print looked even more fab.

Gold and Glitter: All that glitters is definitely gold! This is the latest version of this phrase and 2014 made it meaningful too in all the glittery avatars.

Head Gears: Gone are the days when fashion queens wore an invisible tiara. As 2014 gave them a reason to wear a visible and pretty one in stylish head gears and matha pattis.


International Wool Prize: India got fame at this year’s International Woolmark Prize ceremony at Milan, when Rahul Mishra won it and became the first Indian to be acclaimed with this prestigious award. Rahul Mishra is known for his contribution to Indian handlooms, is continuously working on empowering and employing the Indian Craft Community through his sustainable design interventions.

Jumpsuits: Whoever introduced them, we owe him a thousand 'Thank You' notes. Available in different lengths, this ensemble is titled as 'The Most Loved' style for the year.

Kimono: This Japanese silhouette became a rage across when everyone from ramp to streets started adorning it in the most stylish ways. 2014 definitely goes to Kimono!

Leather: Pants, dresses, sarees, shirts, tuxedos, jackets, bikers, boleros…and what not! Leather seemed to have ruled 2014 like never before.

Maxi/Midi: These two words were the most spoken fashion terms all throughout 2014. From parties to colleges and ramps to beaches, all we saw were a maxi or a midi.

Nail Art: Everything was a beautiful canvas for 2014. What started off with digital prints on t-shirts, came to nails in the form of stylish nail art.

Oversize Trend: If comfort is your style statement, we’re sure 2014 was the most comfortable time for you as trend Ovresize ruled it completely. From t-shirts to trench coats, everything took an oversized shape.

Plaids: If there has been a trend for everyone with no biased way, it has been plaids for 2014. Men, women, kids and street style, ramp and corporate; everyone loved this trend as much as we did.

Quirk Art: Being unique and eye catching was the mantra of 2014 fashion. Looney toons, funky quotes and shapes; all dipped in several colors together formed a trend called Quirk.


Ripped Off: Street style can never be as loud as it gets with ripped off denim trend. And to top it all, this has been on the list of top DIYs to try this year.

Sneakers: If 2013 was dedicated to oxfords, 2014 brought sneakers back in vogue. We saw lovely colors and fantastic pairing on the style front.

Tuxedo Luxe: Luxury became even more powerful when it presented itself in the form of structured tuxedos. 2014 saw them in every form from shorts to skirts.

Uptown Retro: When waists go high and prints go classic, we know trend retro is hitting back. This year it was more on the contemporary and classier front.

Velvet: 2013 had velvet going Indian, but 2014 saw western and fusion avatars of this royal fabric.

Wide Legged Pants: Call it palazzos or Flares, wide legged pants have come back with a stylish bang on to everybody’s minds. Where 2013 saw these teamed up only with tanks and vests, 2014 gave it more stylish look by teaming it up with shirt dresses and Indian kurtis.

Xtreme Quotient: Women sporting moustache, bikini lines flaunting themselves through ultra short hot pants, women with colored hair are now seen with colored arm-pits! Fash-on or Fash-off? 2014 saw it all.

Yummilicious: Whatever we ate this year got printed back on to our clothes. Fast food inspired fashion has ruled the ramp and fashion brands all this year.

Zoo Inspired: A roaring lion, a speaking ant, a fluffy dog or a colored elephant! 2013 had the leaves of the jungle spread across. 2014 brought the animals in to the jungle as well.

Raashi Gaur


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