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Three Reasons Why I Love ‘ZARA’

The 'Magic' called Zara

Sometimes I do not understand how people can shop their entire look in just half an hour’s time. Either they do not like shopping, or they believe in their ‘Cult Brand’ too much to try the others. I can empathise with those people whenever I enter any zara store.

For me shopping is the second name for ‘Religion’ and considering Zara, a Mecca of it, would not be a hyperbole. Just one visit and either you plan or not, you end up buying fabulous merchandise.

Exactly the same happened to me last Saturday, when I visited zara (Phoenix Market City, Bengaluru) lately. I do not plan my shopping spree, but you had to look at the number of shopping bags that came home with me.

Here I am going to reveal the magic inside those bags. And these magical wands would describe my never-ending obsession with the brand.

Denims: Yes! This is the first and the most awesome possession I have had. My stone washed zara Skinnies are my latest love. The reason? Do we actually need any reason to love? cheeky

The fit to die for, the shape that never goes off, and the trends that you would hardly find anywhere else are the top three reasons. And this love grows in abundance when I see an entire range of jeans dedicated to fashionistas like me. Who treats you this good these days? Love showers naturally.

Cardigans: Blessed I feel in this weather (If you’re living in Bengaluru, you’d understand what I mean); Cozy Mornings, Comfortable Noons, Relaxed Evenings and Breezy Nights. And in these nights, all you need to pep up your style is a Cardigan. Feel the warmth and flaunt your fashion label with a stunning piece from Zara. You don’t need to decide the color. If it’s Zara, it ought to look good.

Bags: Bags define my life. No! I am not a traveler; the number of different styles of bags hanging in my

closet would reveal the mystery. And when I see that entire range of leather bags at Zara, I end up buying more. How could I ditch my wardrobe which has this huge crush on bags? And a Fringe Leather Satchel is all I’d need to make my wardrobe blush Pink. wink

While penning down this post, I feel a great urge to seek out for more 'yummies' at Zara, but now the obsession is going gaga again. Who cares to go to a Psychiatrist? Shopping is a cheaper option anyday! laugh

Much Love! Xoxo!



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