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The Rich Legacy of Rolex in Premium Watch-making

Swiss luxury watch-making brand Rolex has played a pivotal role in defining the standards of modern timepieces ever since its inception in 1905. Indeed it was founded by two bright young entrepreneurs Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London with the aim of creating watches that would be reliable and beautiful.

Rolex watchmakers set out with their first goal of designing watches with indubitable chronometric precision. For this, they focused on intricate and minute movements. In time, the brand broadened its scope to focus on more powerful functionality. Rolex invented the first self-winding watch mechanism by the early 1930s. A century later, the Cosmograph Daytona, the Deepsea, the Yacht-Master, the Sky-Dweller and of course, the Submariner continue to be some of the most celebrated Rolex watches of all time.


Over the years, Rolex has sought to create watches for adventurers who spend endless hours deep-sea diving, climbing mountains, racing cars and travelling around the world. The purpose-built design of Rolex watches has fetched them the accolade of being original ‘tool watch’. The Milgauss watch was introduced in the 1950s for people working in highly electro-magnetic environments such as the early nuclear research labs. Back then, it was unusual for someone to wear those in civilian life but wearing them for everyday use eventually became cool, and remains so to this day.

And what's more, they're built to be tough. The Rolex Explorer was designed intricately with special lubricants to be extraordinarily strong enough to withstand extreme changes in temperature. The Oyster Perpetual chronometer, which happens to be one of the Explorer’s immediate forebears, was used by Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay on the first successful summit of Mount Everest in 1953. Today, it survives in working condition at the Beyer Watch and Clock Museum in Zürich.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust 28

The GMT-Master was created at the request of Pan-Am’s pilots who were experiencing jet-lag and wanted a watch that would tell them the time for two different time zones at once. Furthermore, Rolex has been in a long-term contract with Formula 1 Racing since 2013, serving not only as its official timekeeper but also as the official timepiece of the sport.

Rolexes are versatile in ways that many other high-end horology brands are not. One Rolex watch can so easily become many different watches simply by accessorising. It’s all about the way it looks. Rolex devotees love to add a vintage Rolex tang buckle to complete the classy look.

Hublot Watche

Today, Rolex is one of those few remaining watch-making brands with the highest return on investment and resale value in the market. Indeed, they have a historical record to prove their high investment potential. It is the exclusivity of Rolex watches and the innovative technology that sets them apart from the competition. In fact, Rolex watches do not usually depreciate in value, but tend to increase instead in value over time. Vintage Rolex collectors love the romantic notion that so many of its classic models were created for specific, functional purposes. Moreover, the detailing in the dials, bezels, crown guards and other features are exquisite and unique. They vary widely even for specific models adding so much to the value and collectability of the Rolex watch.

So what are you thinking? If you're want to invest in a watch that promises the long-term marriage of beauty and functionality as well as high appreciation potential, then Rolex is your definite choice.


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