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Turning 30? Ten Things to do Before you Hit Thirties

Turning 30? Celebrate your Life

Freedom, Youth, Career, Love; When you are in your early twenties, life generally revolves around these four words. But if you are enjoying your other side of twenties and have already started collecting thirty birthday candles, you should accumulate more words in your life's dictionary. Blah and More suggests ten things to do before you reach your Thirties.

turning 30

Turning 30; Mixed bag of Feelings

turning 30 is an amazing feeling. It makes you realize that you are stronger, more mature and happier. You are wise enough to take your decisions, good or bad, and you have by far collected a bunch of memories to cherish throughout life.

1. Learn how to Let It Go: Life is too short to repent and keep grudges. You should try adding more happy points in your life and keep the bad ones aside. If something is not a part of your 'kitty', plan a farewell and let it go. Something better is always waiting at your door outside.

2. Indulge in Luxury once every year: So you have been earning for more than five years now? Give yourself a present by indulging in finest of luxuries. Go out on a vacation and spend some quality time with loved ones. Nothing releases that stress faster than seeing your folks smiling.


3.  Plan your Pre-retirement: Shopping is essential, after all, we all believe in 'Retail Therapy'. But it is always wise to save a few pennies for a 'rainy' day. Invest in mutual funds, insurance policies etc and keep yourself safe from a situation you'd never want to land up to. Cm'on, you're turning 30 now. :)


4. Start Expressing: There are thousands of random thoughts that come to your mind on a daily basis. Thoughts about the world, your maid, shopping drool and much more. Start expressing yourself through your diary entries or you can even start a blog. You never know how inspiring these write-ups can be, once you grow old.


5. Start Doing: How long you have been repenting on your flabby waist and not getting time to indulge in work-outs? Did we hear 'Months'? And what about that 'No-More-Stress' decision? The best way to avoid the crib is start doing things. Not only they would keep the crib away, they would also let you know about your new limits.


6. Indulge in Fears: Do you have a fear of dark or you are scared of heights? Go ahead and indulge in your fears. Explore the dark place or go for a bungee-jumping ride. It is only when you become a part of your fear, can you overcome it.


7. Learn how to say ‘No’: Are you an 'Always a Yes' person who is tired of involving in issues that are remotely related to you? An ultimate solution to your problem is a simple word: NO.


8. Count your Smiles: The rate of sharing your problems with your loved ones is more than that of happiness. And thus, we all live in this negative assumption of being sad. Start counting the happy reasons that life has showered upon, and you would gradually realize that life is a bouquet of the prettiest flowers.


9. Learn to Accept: There are some things in life that you can't change. Always remember, you are too wise to crib. Learn how to accept things in life, the way they are. Stop nagging and celebrate life.


10. Love your Job: Life is too short to do the things that we are not passionate towards. If you do not love your work, it would not love you back and thus, you would not be able to give your 100% to it. Love your Job; And if not, look out for the one that you would.


–  Rashi Gaur


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