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Ten Signs your Child is ready for Toilet Training

Motherhood; a helluva of emotions and a zillion of struggles come across in return of the utmost blessing of being a mother. The responsibility of developing and nurturing a whole human being is nothing in comparison to the unconditional love and unending smiles you receive in return.

There are certain milestones associated with the whole process of being a Mom. One such milestone is Toilet-train your toddler and setting her diaper-free.

When should you start Toilet Training?

There's no exact  number as an answer to this question. When you feel your child is showing signs that she's ready to be toilet trained, you can start with further training. On an average a child starts showing the signs between 18 to 24 months.


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But given each child is different, one really can't be sure of this. If you start with the training before the child is ready, you might take longer than the rest. Ideally, to avoid frustration and a cranky child, you should wait till the child is showing at least five of the signs that she's ready to be trained.

Signs that your child is ready for Toilet Training

  1. You can predict your child's timely bowel movements

Whether it's after lunch or just before bed, you'd know that now your child is going to spoil her diapers. Well we're not talking about precision here. If your child has a pattern set for her poos and she is following that for a span of more than a few weeks, your child is ready to be toilet trained.


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  1. Taking interest in toilet, potty seat or underpants

Has your child suddenly started peeping inside the toilet seat? Or has she started running towards the washroom area as soon as she sees you going in? if the answer is yes; you should start training your child for toilet.

  1. She can sit in one place for more than ten minutes without losing focus

Has your child developed the self-control by sitting in one place dedicated to one activity without losing focus for more than ten minutes? Chances are, she'd be able to sit for her toilet runs without tantrums and you can easily toilet train her.

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  1. She can pull down or wear her own pants

Is your child able to pull down her own pants and also shows interest in wearing them on her own? It's time to give her independence from diapers and start with her toilet-training.

  1. She's using lesser number of diapers than before

As it is with any other senses, bladder control too takes it own time to develop in kids. But when the child is using lesser number of diapers in a day, say only a three or four, as compared to seven or eight, it's a sign that the child is ready for her toilet training.


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  1. She's showing her irritation on spoiled diapers

If suddenly your child starts trying to remove her diaper as soon as she's soiled them it's an indication that she's started feeling discomfort with the soiled diaper feeling and is now ready to get toilet-trained.

  1. She's able to follow basic instructions

Can your baby understand and follow basic instructions like, 'keep it there' or 'get me your toy'? If yes, then you should give a try to start her toilet training.

  1. She's going to a corner or isolating herself from people while pooping in her diapers

If your child has suddenly started to corner herself while pooping in her diapers, it means she has started understanding the meaning of privacy. She now prefers to poop in private and hence should be given the toilet-training.


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  1. She can sit or stand up from the potty chair on her own

Has your child learnt how to sit on or get up from the potty chair (or any other chair similar in height) on her own? It means that your child has shown interest in being more independent than she already is. And it is a good time to start with her toilet-training.

  1. Staying dry for two or more hours in one go.

Have you tried keeping your child without diapers for some time? If you've and if she has stayed dry for two or more hours in one go that means she has developed enough control on her bladder muscles and is now ready to be toilet-trained.

-Rashi Gaur


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