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A Tanned Affair with Linen

Sometimes you buy something just for the heck of buying. And then there are times when you just cannot say ‘No’ to a product because your friend has recommended it and you’re too sweet to say – “Hullo, it’s not that good also..” A very similar scenario happened with me lately. And that ‘something’ is a pair of camel tanned skinnies.

These have been lying in my closet for almost 4-5 months, and every time I take them out as a planned outfit, it always goes back to the same place.

Then one fine day came and these skinnies were lucky enough to be chosen by me in a hurry for a store activity for my brand.



I teamed my camel tanned skinnies with a White linen shirt, which is the latest summer buy for me. And trust me, I did receive a lot of compliments for the combination.

It looks classy, stylish and serene; just the way it should be in summers.


If you’re looking for a stylish comfortable look, and are on a slightly bigger side of the body, you should try an oversized white cotton/linen shirt. This would cover up the problem areas, giving you a slender frame.


As it was a day activity, I kept my accessorising simple. A pair of Tan pearl hook ear-rings with a long brass metal chain that has a white pearl detailing as a hanging.

I am a sucker for flat sandals, and usually choose flats for any shopping spree or post activity. This time I chose my Black flats which have orange and yellow thread braid zig-zag on the front.

You people have been seeing my tan bag lately; and as this look is going towards tan, I decided to carry my tan baby and complete the look.


I completed the look by: Tangerine Nails by Maybelline Colorama and Rusty Shine Lips by Maybelline.

Till I find time for another post,



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