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Talking Close with Pernia Qureshi


Blah and More: From Law to Ramp, pernia qureshi’s life has taken a twist. What has been the major reason for this twist? 

Pernia Qureshi: As much as I enjoyed law, fashion has always been extremely close to my heart. I have always been an extremely creative person and it was after my first internship with cosmopolitan that I realized this was the path I wanted to follow for the rest of my life. I am extremely passionate about what I do now and I enjoy my work immensely.


Blah and More: ‘Aisha’ is proclaimed as the ‘most-fashionable’ movies of its time. And then came ‘Thank You’. How is the whole experience of styling Sonam Kapoor, who has a ‘Style-Diva’ image already?

Pernia Qureshi: Styling Sonam is always a great experience. Our basic aesthetic, especially in terms of fashion is very similar, so working with her is always super fun. The great thing about her is that she is always open to try new things and step outside her comfort zone.


Blah and More: What is ‘Style’ for pernia qureshi

Pernia Qureshi: Style for me is all about expressing yourself and being comfortable with your image and your body.

 Blah and More: You have recently presented your collection at Lakme Fashion Week. We saw different silhouettes and not much of a detailing. Can this be termed as Pernia’s signature style? 

Pernia Qureshi: You can say that. My personal and signature style is very classic and simple. I would describe it as minimalistic chic.


Blah and More: You have been styling the planet for more than three years now. How do you style yourself for a casual day and a party?

Pernia Qureshi: For the day, I’d go simple with a cute shift dress and flats. For a party – it really all depends on my mood. I could wear a sari, a cute maxi or even a tiny cocktail dress depending on how I’m feeling that day.


Blah and More: Designing for Bollywood divas and designing for your own label? Which one is closer to your heart? 

Pernia Qureshi: I guess I would have to say, my own label. The whole experience has been amazingly enriching, right from conceptualizing the outfits to seeing the designs appear on the runway.


Blah and More: You are living in Delhi for almost three years now. But ‘paparazzi’ can hardly find you socializing. Any particular reason for the same? 

Pernia Qureshi: The truth is I’m a homebody. There’s nothing I enjoy more than vegging out in front of the tv. However, I do go out and socialize and meet my friends. I think I’ve managed to find the perfect balance in between going out and staying home.
 Also – now with Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, I can fulfill all my retail cravings right from home, so my reasons for going out have diminished greatly!


Blah and More: What style ideas can the readers seek from this conversation?

Pernia Qureshi: Just be yourself! Dress yourself according to your body type – and most of all, don’t be too serious. Have fun with fashion!


Blah and More: One random color on your mind.

Pernia Qureshi: I would have to say neon – Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla’s prêt collection, that we also feature on the website is all about neon and I’m just obsessed right now.


Blah and More: Describe PerniaQureshi in one word.

Pernia Qureshi: I would have to say multifaceted.

-Edited and Compiled By – Rashi Gaur


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