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Three Reasons Why I Love ‘ZARA’

The 'Magic' called Zara Sometimes I do not understand how people can shop their entire look in just half an hour’s time. Either they do not like shopping, or they believe in their ‘Cult Brand’ too much to try the others. I can empathise with those people whenever I enter any zara store. For me shopping is the second name for ‘Religion’ and considering Zara, a Mecca of i ...

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We all have a muse – Blake Lively

Style Inspiration - Blake Lively I am sure everyone has something that inspires them. From photographers to designers to stylists everyone in the industry uses references and have an inspiration that comes from somewhere. You will see designers getting inspired from the contemporary art or rural traditions. Even John Galliano's show for his label and for Dior in the past were influenced by a documentary ...

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