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Sunny Side-up: Seven Sunglasses on BM’s hot list

Sunglasses are one of the most imperative accessories in anyone’s wardrobe that can easily accentuate their all glam look by notches. But when it comes to the sunnies, either you know the array of styles and are a die-hard collector or dumb enough to sip-in only with a single pair. BM brings your way seven drool-worthy sunglasses that are on hot-list, this season. 


Round Frame Sunglasses – Prada (Baroque)

Often known as Granny glasses, these round framed sunglasses have been sported by the celebs like Howard Stren and Mick Jagger in the past and became a hit instantly amongst the youth in late 1980’s.  If you’re a fashion follower, you’d know how these have become a rage on ramp and otherwise.

Cat-eye Sunglasses – Fendi

True, that they are one of the hottest growing trends all across the globe but that is not it about them. Cat-eye sunglasses also flatter some facial structures far more convincingly than what any other shape do. They gained their weight in the market by being the must-have style accessory by fashionistas across.

Printed Sunglasses – Dulce Couture (Floral Print)

Summers arrive with prints as its major representative. And as with other fashion tools, our sunnies too have taken this interesting disguise. From animal print to floral, these have markets filled with options more than one can desire.

Oval Frame Sunglasses  – Hidesign

The most basic and a time-tested style in sunglasses is a top trend this season. Oval frame sunglasses, apart from solving their style purpose, make your facial structure seem balanced.

Aviators – Diesel

The mainframe of the whole techno track society of the sunglasses, they just keep coming back with moderate tweaks to keep you guarded with them, purely because of their everlasting characteristics.

Oversized SunglassesFastrack

These daddy’s boys are the hot ones favored by the masses and the classes. One of the sizzling properties of the runways, many celebrities has already gone crazy for them; to name one, go check Jessica Simpson.

Polarized Sunglasses – Rayban

Fashion doesn’t always come with a curse, for there are some benefits too. Over the years polarized sunglasses have been tweaked to revitalize their own fashion sense, thereby making them a hot property for slim faces and to eliminate glare from any non-metallic surfaces.    

– Rashi Gaur


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