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Summer Style

Looking at your best is always on your mind, whether you belong to any profession. After all, we women are called the fairer sex. And one of the most important reasons for the same is the ability to look good, no matter, how busy life is. But most times, this need to look good, can make you a fashion victim. Blah and More did a chit-chat round with major designers and thus brings your way, some fashion tips that would help you prepare yourself for the scorching summer.

Wardrobe selection

Deciding what to wear to college is the major matter of concern for any girl, being she a college student or a working professional. While a girl needs to look chic and sexy, she also needs to take care of her surroundings and subtleness. The markets are flooded with a wide range of female attires, which make it easier for a girl to choose from but also adds to her confusion. Designer Payal Jain says, “I would recommend dresses, in any form. It can be a casual day dress, to a formal office dress. A noodle strap dress or a halter neck dress. Length may vary according to the region and occasion.”

For women, who want to keep it Indian yet stylish, a huge collection of fusion wear is available in the markets. According to designer Ritu Kumar, “Tunics go very well with Indian bodies. One can team it up with a pair of jeans or leggings, or even keep it as just a tunic. Also kurtis are a rage in summers.”


Choosing which colour to wear is another matter of concern. People should choose colours, according to their skin tone and season. Designer Payal Jain says, “Indian skin tone has a very wide scope for difference. One cannot generalise what colours or hues would suit the best. Still warm and bright colours, like Reds, Maroons, Violets and Yellows would suit the Indian skin tone. In total, a gaudy colour palette is ideal for Indians.”

The scorching summer sun makes anything harsh unbearable. Even dark colours seem to be a strain on the eyes. According to Ritu Kumar, “White would be the king of colours this season. Even lighter tones of bright colours would do. Also pastels would be another entry to people’s wardrobe.”


During summers, choosing the right fabric is a key decision. It should be light enough not to be uncomfortable. “Linen and knitted cotton can be best worn in summers. They are light-weight and soft in feel,” says designer Ashish Soni.

Cotton is considered apt for summers. It is easy to handle and comfortable to be worn every day. According to Ritu Kumar, “India is a motherland of cotton. It is a fabric which is worn in almost every part of the country. It is very well accepted and easily available. Also organic cotton is coming up as a new player and is already doing good in southern parts.” Payal Jain says, “Khadi can be worn in every season, without giving it a second thought.”


Anything worn can make you look different if you have the ability to carry it with style. Follow simple rules and you can do wonders to your look. Confidence is the key, without which your style statement can represent just the opposite of what you wanted it to be. Accessories also play a vital role to enhance your look. Anything from a funky bag to interesting footwear would add up to the magic.

According to designer Nida Mahmood, “I have added medium sized bags in bright colors to my collection. They not only accentuate the look of the clothes worn, but also give an interesting twist to the person’s overall personality.”


Rashi Gaur


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