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Style Ideas: How To Style Golden Fashion

We are often in fix on how to pair our golden articles with the rest of the dress? Aren’t we?
The golden accents are basics and go with almost everything, our favourite golden shoes or the golden clutch bag. Golden accessories fit the bill and can be paired very well, but there are times when we found us in a fix. With what you should pair with your golden coloured articles to stand out as a statement, not overdoing but just striking the right chords.

Well, we hope after reading this piece you would find yourself with little ease. And post that happens, we will suggest you hoard to Shoppers Stop to check out their latest collection!

Golden Up & All

Do not hesitate on going all golden, well there is nothing as too much bling.


Pairing your golden dress with golden accessories will just add more of dimension and appeal, we would suggest on keeping smokey eyes and light lips. You can also go with bold lips and light eyes. Just make sure to keep your makeup minimal to carry a balanced glam look.

Black Saves the Day

Yes, it always.

I know there will be a lot of heads nodding to the fact, can we just take a moment to appreciate that colour! How beautiful, eclectic and right the colour black feels.


ll, pairing golden with a black piece will conceal your party look and highlight your outfit.


Denim, Yes Denim!
A simple piece of denim article will equally play around and help you achieve that right statement look.

g-d-3 g-d-1

Mighty White
You add a white article to your look and you know how it elevates your whole outfit. Don’t you!
Pairing golden and whites will instantly highlight your outfit and will help you in achieving a sharp and clean finish.

g-w-2 g-w-1

Cannot Miss Thy Gray
We cannot ask more from this beautiful warm colour, it just fixes all colour damages.

g--g-1 g-g-1

Marsala Way
We fell in love with Marsala years back, just a little swipe of the colour across your lips and you are good to rock a mundane day. Just a humble little piece of marsala colour stained clothing and you are good to rock that golden look. Do you have doubts?


We hope we have fixed your golden outfit issues, for the rest who are suffering from the shopping itch, why not just browse online at Shoppers Stop? Just in case you come across something perfect to pair up with your golden something?

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