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Style Begins from Home- Great Ways to have a Beautiful Home

Your home reflects your personality. After all, it is the closest mirror to your lifestyle. Psychologists across say that there is no peaceful hobby than decorating your home. In fact, I have experienced it personally, that the more beautiful home you create, the more peaceful and happy life you get as a result. Today, we’d talk about different and basic ways to create a happy and beautiful home.

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Walls of Fame: The first and the most important way that reflects beauty of your home is the way you’ve painted the walls. Colors, textures, combinations; everything speaks your mood. And again, it has a direct impact on your psyche too. And these days, getting a customized home painting service is just a click away. Asian Paints Home Solutions are here to advise you on which color and texture would go as per your requirements.

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Light-minded Folks: The second important aspect of home décor comes as lighting. Not only it lights up the environment, but is also suggested by Feng Shui and Vastu. And I believe there is no better way to light up your kingdom than colored lamps. A variety of beautiful lamp shades, both as table tops and hanging, are available in market these days. I also suggest shopping online for these for best deals.

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Planting Dreams: Green is the color of our planet. Not only it soothes the eyes, but is also a fashion statement. And what better way to flaunt this color in your home other than plants? Other than keeping your home fresh and airy, this décor is considered as most lucky by Astrologers. You can buy plants from neighboring nurseries or create your own DIYs in greenery, and here you’re- with your most loved corner of your home.

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Reading Lists: If you’re an avid reader like me, I am sure you would love to have your own library in your home, where you can read and relax in peace. But I do understand the scarcity of space in these days’ apartments; hence this idea clicked me the most. I am talking about adding a stylish book rack to your living space home décor.  Not only it adds volumes of beauty but it also reflects your exact self to others. After all, books are what make you the way you’re.

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Quirk Box: One thing that is ruling the style planet everywhere is quirky fashion, and how could a home to be left untouched by it? Research online and you would find ample of quirky home décor stuff like, cushion covers, curtains, bed sheets etc. It adds color and drama to your otherwise regular mundane living room.

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Adopt these basic ways and turn your kingdom into a style planet. After all, a stylista turns the world stylish, right? angel

Xoxo, Raashi


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