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Strolley Bags: Your travel BFF

Travelling is one of the most awesome feelings in the world. Being at a new place, meeting new feeling, understanding new cultures; travelling has its own fun. Life gives us a lot of reasons to travel in our everyday routine. Some travel for fun, some travel for work. But one thing that remains common with every reason to travel is the bags and luggage.


Strolley bags, the modern and stylish avatar of traditional air bags and trunks are the latest necessity in lifestyle segment.

Here Blah and More gives you five awesome reasons why you should own a strolley bag and make your travel a fun and hassle free affair.


1.       Drag it Along: Get rid of coolies and luggage trolleys. Strolley bags are too cool to drag it yourself. No you know you’re not alone while travelling. You have this travel partner along with and this would always hold hands 😉 (pun intended)

2.       Use it as a Bench: Have a little more luggage? You can always use the one that is biggest in size as a bench for the other smaller ones. Or even better, your strolley bag is going to act as a coffee table while waiting in the waiting lounge and sipping your cuppa.

3.       Light weight: Gone are the days when paying extra money for your luggage at the airports check-in was cool.  Carry a light weight strolley bag and leave all your worries about the ‘extra kilos’ at home. Also, being light weight these are easy to carry and manage.

4.       Style Statement: If you’re a fashionista and you like everything stylish, strolley bags come as your style partners. These days brands give exceptional styling and make-overs to the mundane travel luggage section. Now you get quirky colors and stunning prints, all in an affordable pricing. Now flaunt your strolley bag in style; match it with your dress or bag, and let the world feel envious.

5.       Sizes and Resizes: The good news is that these bags are available in all the sizes, from laptop bags to corporate and Internationals. The better news is that these come with adjustable zippers so you can increase or decrease the volume as per your requirement.


Now you know you’ve to plan a trip soon. Your strolley bag is waiting for you at its service! Enjoy!

-Rashi Gaur


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