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Speak Style: From A to Z

Year 2012 is half way gone, and we just realized that the time is already too less to try your hand on all the trends. Blah and More brings this A-Z of Styles and Trends in 2012. Adore them more, the BM way.

A – Asymmetric Lengths– These look chic and sexy, creating an urban and stylish look. An asymetric pattern skirt or a blouse is seen everywhere on the style planet.

B – Braids, Buns and Bows– The three major Hairstyle Trends for 2012.

C –Chanel– We do not need to say anything now; Do we?

D – Denim– Distressed, Chopped and Colored..denim has taken new 'avatars' for 2012.

E- Ethnic– No matter, where we are; at the end of the day we can not deny our love for ethnics.

F- Floral Prints– As Fresh as the summer season itself, Floral prints took the shape of everything, from saree to shoes.

G – Graphic Print Tees– Style is all about expressing yourself, and that's why, we simply love Graphic Print T-shirts. After all, Digital motifs, Characters and Quotes are the perfect way to show your inner-self.

H – Heels– French Designer Sonia Rykeil once said, “How can you live the High life, if you do not wear High Heels.” And we at BM, are swearing by it.

I- Ivory Touch– With summers, the world paints itself in a White Ivory hue. From dresses, to pants, white is a huge hit, every year.

J- Jump-Suits– Whoever introduced them, we owe him a thousand 'Thank You' notes. Available in different lengths, this ensemble is titled as 'The Most Loved' style for the season.

K- Kaftans– Let yourself Loose and Relaxed by adoring this Summer Style. Adorn it as a Beach wear in the form of a dress or accentuate your feminine side by wearing it as a Blouse with a denim jeans.

L – Lace and Sheer– The fabric world is full of feminism, as these summers, Laces and Sheer fabric is 'Wanted' in abundance. Caress your senses with a hint of Translucent Style in the shape of a sheer blouse or lace shorts.

M- Metallic– All that glitters, is not Gold. It is even Silver, or even Bronze. Whatever it may be, we know Metallics is on everyone's wish-list.

N – Neon Lights– Let it be a pair of skinny pants, a sheer blouse, a pair of stilettos, or simply, a watch, Neon colors are shining bright in every wardrobe this season. Fresh and peppy, this color trend has a charm that noone can resist.

O – Orange– The color on BM's mind, or your mind, or everyone's mind.

P – Pastels– If we have bright neons, we even have pastel sorbel shades to strike a balance. Very Classy, very Stylish, these colors are here to stay in every form of style.

Q – The Queen– Marilyn Monroe- With Fashion being her second name, Monroe is undoubtely, the Fashion Queen of all eras.

R – Retro- Never can this be gone out of style planet. The lovely polka dots, or the very stylish flares; Retro has a really long way to go.

S- Summer Dress– This trend is always a huge hit in summer season. Florals, Polka Dots, Checkered or Stripes, these are available in different styles and patterns to accentuate your 'girlie' side.

T- Tribal Essence– The funky jewelry pieces, large prints, unusual motifs; Tribal fashion is a rage everywhere. A pair of tribal print pants, or a 'girlie' blouse; a beaded neck-piece or pumps; you can flaunt this style in a variety of ways.

U – Undies and Lingerie- Yes! Your undergarment that was once hidden under the stack of clothes, is out from the wardrobe as a style statement. So embrace funky colors, pretty laces and adorable patterns; you know you are beautiful inside.

V – Vintage– They say, 'History repeats itself'. And that is the exact reason why Vintage style idea has gained a space on this list.

W- White– Nothing describes summer fashion better, than this serene color. Everyone's wearing it more each day.

X- Xtra-Layers and Gathers– This trends talks about loud feminism, which we can see in Evening Gowns, Frill Skirts, Lace Dresses or even sarees. Layered patterns and Gathered styles speak volumes of sex-appeal based on Mystery.

Y – YSL- One name that is as old as the 'fashion' itself, is Yves Saint Laurent. The French designer has beautiful milestones in apparel and accessories, under his creativity umbrella.

Z- Zebra Stripes– The final trend that would define 2012 is 'Stripes'. The classic Black and White zebra stripes can be adorned in various silhouettes.

Rashi Gaur



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