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Skin Care Saviors by Just Herbs on

I am new to Singapore, and also new to the climate and weather here. Change of place shows so much well on your skin and hair, no matter, how much you love travelling and going to new places, your skin takes you back, where you belong to.

Until, one fine day, I discovered these amazing products on, an online shopping portal that caters to all your skin and hair care needs. I was looking for something for my skin that makes my complexion glow and make it fairer, apart from moisturising it well. Singapore, being a humid place, makes your skin care regime, busier than usual.

But all thanks to Just Herbs and their products available on Luxola that now I can boast my flawless complexion and a healthier glow, in just a weeks’ time.

I ordered three products; A fairness pack, an Instant glow beauty gel and a skin lightening gel. Here’s what I found after using them for a week.


1.     Just Herbs’ Fairever Protein Fairness Pack: Everyone who’s a little cautious on to their skin care knows the importance of a good skin pack. And to me, I felt elated when I used this Fairever Protein Fairness Pack by Just Herbs. My skin felt supple and after second use only, I had started getting compliments from everybody on my complexion. With ingredients like Mulethi, Milk and Honey, it works wonders. Trust me!


2.     Fair’e Skin Lightening Gel: After my face pack treatment, I always used Fair’e skin lightening gel by Just Herbs’. Not only it doubles up the effect, it also moisturises my skin well. And not to forget, it removes the greasy look, giving my face a fresh feel. Ingredients like Mulethi and khus work well with any skin type.


3.     Fagel Instant Glow Beauty Gel: If you’ve an Oily/Combination skin type like me, you’d understand the value of finding a gel that moisturises well and gives a non-greasy look for the entire day. Fagel Instant Glow Beauty Gel not only does that, it also gives you an instant glow, and on regular use, it adds up a flawless touch to your complexion. Massage it gently on your face as an everyday skin care regime followed by your regular BB cream and you’re done. Ingredients like Madder Root and Holy Basil would do their work; you just need to count compliments. 

Rashi Gaur


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