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Sign Language: What her ‘Emojis’ actually mean

What's out there might not always be the truth. In the era of chats and posts, Emoticons have successfully given rise to the trend of ‘Masking Expressions’. All you men already find understanding women, the most challenging task. And decoding these emoticons becomes all the way more important if it’s ‘The Woman’ on the other side. BM helps you decoding her version of ‘Emojis’ with these seven most-used expressions.



  rofl face

1. LOL: LOL flashing on your screen means that you weren’t funny enough and have a long way to go Keep trying till you get to LMAO!

winkey with a tongue

 2. Tongue Out: Tongue peeping out, if accompanied with a wink, means your friend is up for a flirtatious conversation. Ahaan!  Turn on the best witty you and go gaga.


But without the wink, it is just a plain Boooooo! Suckaaa!! You loose!

kiss wid heart

3. The Kiss:  This loving expression, if accompanied with a heart means she definitely has the ‘hots’ for you. What are you thinking? Just take the plunge.

kiss widout heart

 Whereas, a kiss without the heart says, ‘Nah! You are still in the "Friends Zone"’. Buckle up and get out of this zone ASAP!

4. Hmmm, K, Hmmmmmm, BRB, T2UL, Hmmmmmmmmmm ….: The minute you see the honey bee buzzing on your chat screen, you have two ways to choose from. Either say ‘Bye’, find a life and a funnier humorous bone within you OR try recording your fart and sending it her as a voice message; this way you will at least gain her attention for a few seconds which otherwise seems to have disappeared in thin air. In case you didn’t get it, she isn’t taking time to think. She is just not interested in talking to you.

angry face stats here 

angry face max

5. The soaring Temper: It starts with, “I’m telling you mister that you aren’t as funny as you think you are” and goes to “Shut the F**k up!!!!  You have pissed the hell out of me and I can stab you into chunks right away.”

Two minutes later check your WhatsApp; Congratulations your ‘pissed-off’ contact has blocked you.

smirk face

6. The Smirk:  She's just playing hard to get. Ignore or please; choice is yours.

heart eyes

7. Heart Eyes:  She is ‘head over heels’ for your latest Facebook display picture. When a girl sends you heart eyes, you are definitely in for good. It’s the perfect time to ask her out for a date.

-Rashmi Singh


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