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Side-effects of a Broken Rib

Though I have been ranting about it a lot on my SMM lately, still a lot of you are not aware that recently I had met with a minor accident in my households. Anyways, this accident has given me a fractured rib, and a lot more things. This post is all about those extra things, a Fracture brings your way and how to do deal with them.


1.       You know you’re a Princess: Bring back your princess attitude and let people pamper you in every possible way. You know you're important. Feel blessed to be the centre of everybody's attention. 


2.       You're constantly surronded by People: You get calls even from distant relatives asking about your well-being and friends visit you almost everyday. 


3.       Much deserved Break: You don’t have to worry about anything. And people would only expect you to take care of yourself. Rest will fall in place on its own. 


4.       You're never Over-pampered: Husband comes home with flowers and yummies everyday. You know, how to use this awesome opportunity right? 😀

5.       Sleeping for hours is not Lazy: You have all the time in the world to sleep and getting up at your own comfort. No one is going to disturb you.



6.       Higher productivity levels: Because you have this time, the thought flow would even make an ocean feel smaller. Utilize those thoughts. You can publish as many blog posts in a day. 


7. Being a Couch Potato is cool: Now this is obvious. Fracture means a part of you has been broken and it would bring loads of pain. And because it's a fracture, you cannot move. 


8. No Manicures and Pedicures: I seriously wish I could change this somehow, but a broken bone does more harm to your beauty regime. No salons or spas, atleast for a month.


9. You'd hate every weighing scale: Because of all the deserts hubby has been bringing and because you're not following your fitness regime for a month, you would gain weight. 



10. To your surprise, you'd hate every party happening: Blame it onto your frustration, but you'd feel that all the important events in the blogging and media industry are happening in this very month. And to make you feel worse, your SMM timeline is filled with mundane faces enjoying.

Now who'd have thought that fractures bring you these many benefits? Jokes apart, I seriously wish this should not happen to any of you, ever. 

With this my broken rib says, Xoxo! 



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