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“Short” story of Blooming Summers

If I had to name one clothing essential I can imagine myself wearing 24*7, it would be a pair of comfy shorts. And this thought becomes even more wanting during summer season. And a pair of well-fitted denim shorts is a decent investment we all should invest into.

Today’s look is created on the same theme – shorts!

DSC_2922 copy

I picked up these ice-blue colour denim shorts. Basically, they were once a full-length denim jeans, but as with every fashionista, you dislike some garments out of no reason; it happened out to be this pair. Thanks to my DIY instincts, I chopped them off on the thigh and rolled up the hem. The result is in front of you; my favourite pair of shorts.

DSC_2919 copy

I teamed them up with a black sheer sleeveless shirt with dull golden studs detailing. The fabric is light, and it fits me well, making it perfectly stylish attire for the scorch.

DSC_2927 copy

To add a little feminism to my black and denim look, I added my favourite floral lace-up shoes. I somehow find these shoes uber stylish and super cute and to be going well with this look. To accentuate the floral part more, I carried this floral sling bag, and summers came alive in the look.

DSC_2929 copy

For accessories, I wore this metal neckpiece that has neon ovals joined by metal chains. It brought out itself well on the black sheer surface.

DSC_2918 copy

For my hair, I put a sleek neon pink plastic band that added cuteness. You can avoid that, if you feel that’s going overboard.

For slightly heavier people, try playing with the length of your shorts as obviously you don’t want to make the flab prominent. Also, you can try wearing a quarter sleeves or full sleeves shirt to avoid attracting eye-balls to the flabby forearms.

A cute and stylish look is just a shopping away. All you’ve to do is invest in great pieces.

Untill next time, Let your ‘style’ speak for you..!

Xoxo, Raashi


Shorts (Denims): Levis

Shirt: Max

Shoes: Bata

Bag: USI

Necklace: Splash



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