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Dress like a Total Knockout: Get Skirty and Flirty
“Whoever said, money cant buy happiness didn’t know where to shop”
Lately I have been snowed under with work. Not that this bothers me but time is fleeting and things have been going haywire. I have been down in the dumps but then there are always little things in life that rev up your life.
I hunker down to write, ‘Born to Die’ by Lana Del ray is playing in the background. I am high on philosophy and I can’t stop raving about my retail therapy. Don’t you think, shopping leaves you with a feeling of smugness? I feel, world is such a better place after shopping, in spite of burning a hole in my pocket.

Animal Print Blouse – Zara

The scorching summer is killing me. I need some respite from this heat and get some flirty clothes. So, ‘N’ and I go shopping; he has always been patient enough to bear me and my tantrums. I walked into a Zara store where I picked up a lovely animal print top. I do get inspired by what keeps creeping up on the runaway and animal prints has been one such trend. Well, it is so easy to pull off unless you don’t wear the same print from head to toe and look like a total disaster.

Suede Platform Pumps – Steve Madden

In other news, the style savvy me had been on a prowl for a long time and had been hunting for the prefect red pumps. I looked around for that perfect pair, with a good amount of heels. Red is so therapeutic and surely a wardrobe staple. I finally got what I had been craving for.

Bandage Skirt – Vero Moda

My life in general is about bold and bright colors. I coordinate my fashion according to my mood and pick up the color that complements my desire. And did I tell you? I got this skimpy bandage skirt from Vero Moda. Girls, I tell you these skirt wearing days won’t last forever. We all would end up getting old and wrinkly.
Don’t think too much. Have fun, look like a celebrity and get dressed to the nines!
Love- Berry


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