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Seven reasons why you should be avoiding ‘BANG BANG!’

What say; Does a movie really need to make sense when it stars the Indian Avatar of Adonis and the sultry beauty Katrina Kaif? Well hell yeah! No matter how tempting and sensuous the combo sounds, watching an utter mindless remake of a Hollywood flick is not worth straining our ass for two hours.

BANG BANG!! Literally banged our brains out with its sheer stupidity! No offence Hrithik, we absolutely adore those drooliscious eyes and the perfectly chiselled Abs of yours but sadly it ain’t enough.

BM lists down 7 reasons which would precisely tell you that why crashing on the couch with a tub of Choco chip ice cream on a long weekend is any time a better idea than running to the theatre to catch BANG BANG.

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  1. The story lives up to the literal meaning of the title Bang Bang. It made more noise and no sense at all.


  1. All this time in India and I still did not know that it snows in Dehradun. Seriously guys, research!


  1. So this scene had Rajnikanth scraping for his Swag. Here’s how it goes; Hrithik falls down smoothly of course, looking godly and steaming hot while he breaks the roof as he thuds down with just a minor limp and if you thought this was it wait for the song which follows; you will find him dancing like a diva in no time. 


  1. Katrina has just one job to do throughout the movie and that was to take a shower and the time she wasn’t doing so she was busy deciding if Jai was a good guy or bad and this strenuous thought process often led to the lead pair making out.


  1. So how do you think you can pit Britain and India against each other? Fix an Indian to steal the Kohinoor. I wonder why the ISS never came up with such an amazing idea when it’s so simple.



  1. If you can’t afford a trip around the world to the most exotic locations this movie tells you exactly how to get it sponsored by a thief you just met on a blind date. But hey you would need that envious midriff of Harleen.


  1. If you are still looking for some sense well Boss Hrithik will not leave you disappointed. He apparently has a sob story to support his fabulous career move in the field of theft.


Well at the end of it we were so exhausted that we officially ran out of reasons. So let’s observe two minutes silence for the death of brain cells. BANG BANG! 

-Rashmi Singh


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