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Four Life Saving “NO”

Who could have ever imagined that a single word with just two letters,  holds your own veto? Gone are the days when saying “Yes” to everything proved you daring. Today’s world is following the “Say-No” mantra.  Here are the four major reasons for you to learn, how to say “No”.

Jack of All Trades: All of us are well aware of this old saying, “Jack of All trades; Master of None”. And almost of us know that it would not go in sync with today’s speedy life. But there is one place where following this could take you to a stressful world. And here, we are talking about your work place. We know that you are known for your modest generosity and thus, you end up taking charge of unassigned tasks too. But you should know your limits. Assignments related to your profile, if done well, can take you to greater heights. But doing unrelated tasks being a novice, can also take your career growth into a heavy depression. So before saying a “Yes”, consider your limitations. And if you find the task being unjust to your abilities, a straight “No” with a smile would be a better idea.

Just One More: You are a social animal and every party’s must-to-invite guest. Partying every week is definitely a fun. After all, nobody would like to spend the weekend alone. But reaching home safely after the grand party is another issue to ponder upon. And things become worse, when you are high on booze. A little alcohol is not much of a harm but things become weird when you lose senses.  So rather than saying it to yourself, start saying a firm “No” to the forced pegs.  This would avoid a tipsy behaviour and would also keep you safe and conscious.

Bu-bye Budget: How badly you keep waiting for your pay-checks, only you can know. And the reason is common for every girl. Shopping! But have you noticed that most of the times, you end up buying things that you actually did not need much? This time, a silent and strict “No” to yourself would be it. Spending money brings happiness, but keeping it in budget brings good-luck. Not only, it would save your piggy bank for a rainy day, but it would also help you acquire the habit of controlling your mood-swings. And who knows, you might save money for a luxurious deal later.

All Ears: Each one of us has at least one BFF, whom we consider to be our soul-sister. You discuss everything with her and know even that tiny little secret that only you are entitled to know. But again, as with everything else, even secrets have their own limits. When you realize, that your girl is discussing everything(read,  bed secrets to minor clashes),  you should hear alarming bells. Telling personal stuff is not wrong. After all, you have been together with ages now; but listening to more-than-personal stuff about your friend’s life may disturb your own space. Moreover, if the told stuff is a bit negative, you might end up feeling grey-ish towards your friend’s partner. So saying a sweet “No” can save you and your enduring friendship from an unwanted trauma.

These are a few everyday scenarios, that happen with almost everybody. And dealing with them is also not a tricky thing. All you need to decode is that thin line between a “Yes” and a “No”. So next time, you know it well, when to welcome it, and when is the time to say, “No”.


Rashi Gaur


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