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Say Cheese: 5 things that make Indians Smile

Needless to say, Indians are blessed with the ability to find happiness in little things life has to offer us. However, there are certain rib tickling instances that cheers up every Indian in an instant. BM lists down those instances for you to reckon it.


1. FLAT 60% OFF – This statement in itself could be a celebratory moment for every Indian; Because nothing makes us more happy than saving a few bucks on our favorite dress or our favorite pair of designer shoes.


2. Buy 1 Get one Free – We have a soft corner for those freebees. Doesn’t matter if it's a watch or a mundane bucket; in fact the moment of possession of the free product is the most joyous moment ever.


3. IPL/FIFA – With the IPL and FIFA World Cup captivating every Indian under its grip, sports has become an obsession. Our joy has no bounds when we see our favorite team win. The LIVE telecast acts as an adrenaline shooter for all of us.


4. Home alone – This one is for all the married men out there! The only reason men look ahead to weddings in their family is to get rid of their wives for a week or two. They desperately need a breather once in a while. All these poor souls fantasize is to dump themselves on the couch for hours and watch Cricket without anybody pulling them away from their love, and buy vegetables.


5. Bargain Battle – Now here's an inborn quality which is embedded in the DNA of every Indian. We bargain almost everywhere. Can’t help it guys!


This battle is as intense as the last 2 overs between KKR and Kings XI Punjab in the IPL or the last 2 min between Germany and Portugal in FIFA. We make sure we win by hook or by crook and that winning moment when the salesperson loses and allows a rebate is a moment of euphoria. We just can’t stop from flashing our battisee and passing a second glance to our friend hinting them of our greatness.

-Rashmi Singh


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