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Rulebook: Look Young, Stay Younger

Who does not like ‘Youth’? Beauty, energy, passion; staying young always has its advantages. Remember the ‘Fountain of Youth’ from ‘The Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’? We wish for that fountain secretly, only to realize that real life is far away from fiction. Blah and More covers the distance and brings the ‘Fountain of Youth’ closer to you. Here’s the BM’s Rulebook for Staying young Forever.




Rule One: Eat Healthy Stay Healthy: They say ‘You’re what you eat’. A healthy diet is all you need to keep you moving for longer. Take notice of the nutrients in your daily food intake and you can keep your body in a younger shape.


Rule Two: Exercise Regularly: You look double your age if you love collecting flab around your body. It’s time to hit the gym and say ‘Bu-bye’ to a lazy, flabby, oldie you. Exercising not only increases the blood circulation it makes you sweat; two things that would make you blush in a natural way. Get in shape today to look young and stay younger.


Rule Three: Sleep Right Sleep Tight: If your life revolves around the words like, “Who the hell has time?” or “If only we had more hours..” chances are, you’re more prone to stress. One of the easiest ways to avoid stress is taking eight hours of proper sleep daily.  After all, your mind needs adequate amount of rest to rejuvenate itself.


Rule Four: Make Friends: Hours long discussions on what to eat, movie tickets booked at the last minute, late night karaoke, birthdays bashes, exam times; All these and much more. Thinking of our past makes us happy and one of the most important parts of those memories is friends – the people who always make us feel better and bring our best days back. Staying in touch with friends always make us feel young at heart, no matter what the age.

Rule Five: It’s all in your Mind: Life is not what you do, it is what you think. To look young, you have to believe in your youth. Your thinking has a direct impact on your face. Stop cribbing and start living.


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