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Revolver ‘Rani’ – the new ‘Queen’ of Fashion

We have seen her sizzled the fashion industry in Madhur Bhadarkar’s flick, Fashion. The darker side of this industry was portrayed by her in the boldest manner. Then her latest avatar as Rani in the blockbuster Queen saw her as a typical Indian girl-next-door, wearing everything subtle and ordinary but depicting the extra-ordinary performance.

Yes! We’re talking about Kangana Ranaut who is a true fashionista in real life. Her appearances on International red carpet depict her as someone who not only imbibes fashion but also the one who understands it completely.

And this fashion sensation is in news again for her upcoming flick Revolver Rani in which she plays a political goon who falls in love with a struggling Bollywood actor. The story is a satirical comedy and an unusual love-story.


The trailers look unusual too, where Kangana is seen sporting high-street ‘Phashion’ (that’s how she says it in the movie) inspired straight from European culture. BM’s eyes stuck on the round frame sunnies which the actress got sourced from Europe itself.


Then in one scene we see the damsel sporting a very bold and very Gaga-ish metal bikini top. Who could have thought of taking metallics so seriously if not her?


Let it be her leather fringe waist-coat or the very chic military sailor trench;  everything speaks volumes of class-apart fashion.


Kangana, who plays a bold woman, is also seen teaming up a pair of canvas sneakers and leather booties with dhoti salwars. Now that’s an unusual match but classy indeed.


While seeing this stylish goon, we can say she is highly inspired of the European Pop culture. A lot of leather, chains, metal, patching and rivets are seen on the big screen. Her metal chain detailing jacket makes us remember the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Probably because she also carries the same amount of confidence and charisma while playing Alka Singh in Revolver Rani.

Revolver Rani, directed by Sai Kabir, is releasing on 25th April 2014. 


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