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Is Red the new Black?

“When in doubt, wear Black” are the words all of us have been swearing by. We have been taught by our lot of seniors that Black is a color that matches up with every hue and shade. Let it be a formal party, or a candle light dinner, choosing black is as old as is the idea of such events. But according to the latest trends and poll, people everywhere have started accepting other bold counter parts. And our votes go to Red. Let’s take a look.

Lady in Red: How many of us have a LBD (Little Black Dress) on our minds, when we have a dinner date marked on our calendars? And for that reason, we end up buying a different silhouette and texture from the same category. But believe me or not, all LBDs look same to your male beau. The latest rage in the fashion era is a Siren Red Dress or a SRD.

Not only Red is the color of love, but also would reflect onto the glow of your skin. This made me recall the Nice Dress scene from Kal Ho Na Ho, where Priety Zinta looked all the way, more pretty. For an Indian look, you can flaunt your figure in a Red hot saree. Available in a variety of fabrics, a red saree is associated with an Indian Bride and can be worn on traditional and formal functions without doubts. It was last seen perfectly, when Kareena Kapoor carried it sensuously as “Ra.One’s Chhammak Chhallo”

Paint me Red: If you are one of the introverts like me, the above idea would generate a natural congestion. Teaming up little forms of red, with your usual quotient can do wonders. Painting your talons red would add that extra sensuous effect to your manicure. Always keep in mind that your nail color should be of a good quality and the application should be layered well, as the color red is prominent enough for others to point out the flaws. Another look enhancer is a crimson red lip shade. Whether a traditional Indian attire, or an evening gown, a Red pout works very well with Indian skin. A fashion disaster to avoid is not choosing a red lip color if you have a thinner set of lips. Also a red lip color resting on your teeth is a big faux pas.

High on Red: Who wouldn’t love a pair of beautiful peds walking high on Red stilettos? A perfect way to combine your feminism with sensuous style, is a pair of girlie sandals that goes with almost every attire. You can match them up with your Indian saree look, or wear them to your work, with your formal look. Available in strappy and pumps style, you can choose the one that matches up your personality. Blessed with great height? You can try a pair of red flip-flops, available in a variety of styles and looks. My most favorite ones are a V-shape Blood Red flat Chappals, which I team up with my usual denim-tee look.

My Red Wild World: For a moody and creative lot, playing with their look is a must. After all, who doesn’t want to gain that deserved attention, just by a simple add-on. Adding red to your halo would make you look more chic and a style queen. Streaking the side mane with a crimson red or magenta red, is the need of the hour for all Red lovers. For instance, we can see Kareena Kapoor flaunting a similar one in Ek Main Ek Tu.

Living on Accessories: So, you are an accessorize girl? Grab your hands upon the latest collection of bags (sling, tote or clutch), all in crimson Red color and present your glam quotient. Choosing a red bag, would bring the required oomph and color to your otherwise usual look. The latest entry to the Diva’s Collection is a red beads necklace. Stylish enough to boost the girlie effect, and plain enough to be worn on an everyday basis. If you are looking for that perfect Indian look, flaunting a round Red bindi on your forehead would do justice. Just as Vidya Balan enhanced her perfectionism in Parineeta, or how Bipasha Basu matched it with her golden saree on red carpet, a few years back. Another accessory which is a safest route to style is a Red belt. This accessory not only enhances your waist, but also adds a pinch of extra style to an already stylish you. Can be worn with a denim-tee look, or can be used as a waist accessory on a dress, a red waist belt would grab all of my votes.

All these and much more, is making red a ruler on style planet. Always remember to carry your killer attitude, and keep collecting compliments.

Rashi Gaur


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