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RAKSHABANDHAN SPECIAL: 5 Annoying habits of a Brother

So soul sisters all set to rob your Bros the coming weekend? No matter how annoying their habit of nosing around in your business could be but then we damn admit it that having a brother is awesome. But let’s not get all sweet and mushy about those devil heads who are so close to our hearts.

As a tribute of our kind to Raksha Bandhan BM thought of listing down 5 annoying habits of a brother which irk every sister. So Bros you better watch out!

  1. The Z Securtiy

1. z security

The minute his sister jumps on to the Teenager Bandwagon, his secret spy skills come alive. It’s nothing less than the supernatural powers of X-Men. A harmless call from a crush of hers could be fatal to attend as Mr. Bro is creeping around somewhere close by trying to decipher all your lovey dovey codes.


  1. Mumma’s Boy

2. momma's boy

He is a recipe of disaster and the best example of a metaphorical constipated human being who just has to puke everything out to his momma. This fatal symptom is usually observed in younger brothers. The only cure to this is adolescence. Once they hit it, they are cured.


  1. The Remote fight

3. remote fight

All the sisters out there! Please be well guarded for this battle as it’s no less than the battle of the Sparta. He must be lying idly on the couch trying hard to use his brains but the minute you turn on the television to watch American Idol, it’s suddenly Pokemon time for him. Just snatching wouldn’t help; you need to rough it up. Make sure your hair is tied as that’s what hell reach out at first.



  1. Food Snatcher

4. food snatcher

Did you keep aside that last piece of Chocolate Brownie in the fridge to relish later after dinner? Well guess what it’s not there anymore! Your sweet bro has hogged it already. We wish Refrigerators came with password encrypted personalised shelves.


  1.  The Moral Inspector

5. moral inspector

This is the most annoying habit of all. It’s an advanced annoying version of the Security phase. All of a sudden he will act like the representative of Shiv Sena and will start commenting on almost everything you do or wear. Please don’t hold back the urge of physical violence. Vent it all out!


However BM knows that a Brother could be a Girl’s best friend for life. He would always be there for his sister as she is nothing less than a princess to him. 

Rashmi Singh


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