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Quickies with Kunal Kapoor

"Such a charming smile and what great height", these two phrases almost spilled out of my tongue when hearthrob Kunal Kappor entered the press conference hall at The Leela, Bangalore. And during the below conversation, I found out, that he is a completely 'happy-go-lucky' guy. The charisma he carried in his walk on the ramp, enlightened the aroma of Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2012, in Bangalore. 

Blah and More got lucky in asking these few quick questions from the actor, who had all the female Media Delegates, almost drooling upon. 


Kunal as a Person: My constant answer to this question is 'Tall'. Everything else, be it my Bollywood projects, my shows, my directors, my style statement; keeps changing. One thing that is alwyas there with me is the word, Tall. (smiles)

On Style: Style is an overused term. For me style is being comfortable. If you are not comfortable,no matter how stylish clothes you are carrying, you'd end up looking foolish.

Most Priced Possesion: My Pilot's Licence

On Fitness: My fitness regime involves Gyming and South Indian Martial Arts.

Seeks Inspiration in: I get inspired by different things at different times. It could be anything and anyone.

Relationship Status: I do not talk about my relationship status in public. Right now, I am in a happy state of a happy relationship but it would rather not be talking about it. 

On Bollywood: My upcoming release is 'Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana' scheduled on 2nd November. 


Edited and Compiled by: Rashi Gaur


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