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Closet Conversations: Pria Kataaria Puri

Style Chat with pria kataaria puri

From the talented alumni of FIDM, San Francisco, comes pria kataaria puri, who is known as the ‘queen of prints’ in fashion industry. From creating couture and cruise line, the diva has been in news for winning ‘Bharat Yuva Ratna’ and Bharat Vikas Award’. Blah and More gets candid with the designer, in a close conversation on fashion and style.

pria kataaria puri

Designer, Pria Kataria Puri

Blah and More: How would you describe pria kataaria puri, as a person?

Pria Kataaria Puri: Creative, spontaneous, spiritual, adventurous, globe trotter, glamorous, fun, happy; Who lives life to the fullest !

BM: Did you always know, your entire life, that you would be a designer?

PKP: Yes, since I was eight. I use to draw beautiful exotic tall, slim, women in glamorous attires, with detailed and elaborated hair, makeup & accessories in my text book.

My travels, all through my childhood, exposed me to world culture, people and their dress sensibilities that greatly shaped my creativity and interest in fashion.

BM: Throw some light on your recent collection?

PKP: Working on different collections:

1-Post Monsoon Collection for Bangalore Fashion Week and Chennai Fashion Week

2- Resort Wear Collection for NYC

3- New Summer Collection for Wills India Fashion Week

BM: Define your style statement according to you.

PKP: My personal style is glamorous, feminine, elegant, comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear –it’s an Extension of my personality and the lifestyle that I live.

BM: What are the five staples in a today’s women wardrobe?

PKP: Confidence, Elegance, Femininity, Classic and Glamorous wardrobe for day and evening.

A woman must have big collection of sexy heels, classic clothes, exotic leather day bags, funky sunglasses and fun earrings, rings and cuffs.

BM: One must-have accessory that makes all the difference to one’s look?

Print me on – Pria Kataria Puri

PKP: Great collection of High heel shoes and collection to sunglasses for day.

BM: Out of all the trends, which one is your most favourite one and why?

PKP: Kaftan, because it’s glamorous, comfortable, travel friendly, easy to wear and comes in various lengths.

BM: One fad that does not click to you ever?

PKP: Tights or leggings. Hate them.

BM: You’d never leave your home without?

PKP: My mobile phones and credit card.

BM: How are we supposed to expect Pria’s dress-up for a formal party?

PKP: In a classic elegant gown or printed maxi Kaftan, with a clutch, killer heels and glam hair makeup.

BM: And for a casual day-out?

PKP: A pair of jeans, white tee shirt & jacket with nude wedges and a big elegant exotic leather bag. May be Birkin or Bottega Veneta. Glam sunglasses.

BM: One most prized possession:

PKP: My family and their unconditional love & support.

BM: One random color on your mind:

PKP: Love red.


-Edited and Compiled By-

Rashi Gaur


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