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Preggo Diaries: My almost 40 Weeks of being Pregnant

Pregnancy! Oh what an abundance of "Mixed Bag of Emotions" this word brings back. After spending quite a few years (six and a half to be precise) as husband and wife, we had decided to plan for family. It was a bold decision for both of us. We both have our own set of vocations and are completely dedicated towards it. But given the family pressure and my decreasing hormones, we did decide to go as per what the world calls a 'Complete Family' we gave in. Though we hardly ever felt incomplete as a family with just the two of us.

Anyway, we decided to become parents and within fifteen days, our lives changed completely and for good. Suddenly it was all about 'Good'; Good food, Good sleep, Good mood, Good everything!

What all Changed?

– My Food and Eating Habits

As soon as 'we' got preggers, I came under a group of doctors who helped me sail this journey smoothly. My nutritionist gave me proper diet plan, month wise and as per my condition and i had to follow it strictly. I've always been on the 'Leaner' sides of weight, so did not have much issues regarding that. Still, she assured me that do not worry about the weigth gain. We're here to help you with that post the baby delivery.


My diet mainly included dry fruits, home cooked food, dairy, eggs and fruits. She also told me ways to cook all this in interesting and yummy ways. I really had to ban street food and snacking out of my life and had to cut down on my tea and coffee intake. Though, this is the only rule which I did not follow stringently. My then house help was sweet enough to cook various Maharashtra style snacks and veggies and it wasn't really that tough. What made my journey equally sweet was my husband's sacrifice! He too followed a strict diet and banned all his 'eating-outs' and street food intakes. His logic – If he'd eat, I'd be craving for it more. Which would be unhealthy for our baby. :)

Pregnany Myth no. 1 Busted: I have heard a lot of people saying this phrase "You're pregnant. You should eat for two", which is a total myth. A balanced diet in proportionate quantities should be fine for anyone who's pregnant. The diet should cater to baby's weight and not mother's weight. Hence, having a nutritionist helps. 

– My Lifestyle

My preggo journey wasn't easy physically. I've had spinal cord issues and a tail-bone issue since quite a long time before I conceived. Plus, due to my Placenta issues, (I've had a miscarriage before this one) I was advised a total bed rest for the first trimester. It was tough. But thanks to hubby's flexible work culture, he made himself available to me at home for at least 2 days a week.


I had to quit 'smoking' and any sort of alcohol (which I am happy about and I'm still maintaining it) and my never ending visits to shopping malls came to a 'pause'.

Came second trimester and I was back to my life. We were going to shopping malls, planning for the baby's arrival, shopping for the baby, shopping for myself (because, Baby Bump, right?) and celebrating. But still, I was maintaining my lifestyle and restricted to home cooked food and everything that was advised by the doctor. I did start with some walking and mild stretching along with breathing exercises.


Third trimester went by in waiting for the arrival, still maintaining my lifestyle. My work-out was same but a few meditation techniques were added too. We had started attending parenting workshops already, which were quite a mood elevator, given that the last trimester is actually the toughest one regarding your emotions. If you've been pregnant, you know what I'm talking about.

Pregnancy Myth no. 2 Busted: The more you're active, the easier it is for you to deliver the baby. It is again a myth. Your pregnancy lifetsyle depends majorly upon your pre-pregnancy lifestyle and your pre-natal condiitons. Some conditions like a hormonal imbalance or placenta related issues may require the pregnant mother complete bed rests fully or trimester wise, again depends on the condition. 

– My Relationship

Here comes the major change that this pregnancy has brought in my life. So, we had been together for years when we decided to get married. And same happened when we thought of becoming parents. Getting married to the love of your life is one of the wow-some feelings and things become blissful when you two decide to become parents. He's always been quite caring and loving when it comes to our relationship. But when I got preggo, he pampered me and took care of me in the most wonderful ways, to my surprise, even in ways I never expected anyone to be. Blissful it has been. I still miss my pregnancy for this one reason to be precise. 😀

Pregnancy Myth no. 3 Busted: A lot of old-wives tales do the rounds like, if you're going through a 'rough-patch' in your relationship, considering a new baby planning may save your relationship. Which is again a complete myth. Pregnancy is a special time and the mother needs to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy to carry and deliver a healthy baby. Moreover, I personally recommend not planning any new life coming to your already ambigous relationship and to spoil it further. 



I delivered a healthy baby girl at 39.6 weeks of pregnancy after a tiring 14 hours of labor on 2nd February 2018. It was a vaginal delivery with episiotomy and vaccum usage. I'd describe my delivery experience in some other blog post. Right now, I'm happy to be sharing this 'Preggo Diary' with you. Hope you enjoyed reading it the same way I enjoyed penning it down. :)

Pregnancy Myth no. 4 Busted: You must have heard this old-wife tale about how vaginal delivery is considred a better option and how c-section is still not favoured by a lot of women. The thing is, it's really not in your hands. And completely in your hands as well. There are conditions in which a normal delivery is not possible at all. The doctors decide whether it's a c-section or vaginal delievry that you should be opting for. And then there are women who do not want to go through trechrous labour, hence they choose c-section as their delivery method. Always remember – It's bringing the new life into this world safely by keeping yourself healthy and safe that matters the most and not the method. 


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