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PepperTap: A Revolution in Grocery Shopping

I live in my suitcase. I keep travelling all across the world for work and leisure, sometimes family too. I enjoy my hippie ride. But of course, as with everything else, even travelling and visiting new places has its own set of problems.

One such problem is settling up in an entirely new environment with absolutely no clue about where to arrange your necessities from.

I absolutely love Maharashtra (India) as a state, for its rich culture and high class development. And one city that I absolutely adore is Pune. Though, Mumbai tops my list of favourite places in the world. I recently visited Pune for work and had to stay there for a good fifteen days’ stretch.

Fine eateries, street food, nearby places and lovely people; everything left me feeling wonderful but staying alone in a new city is not as easy as it sounds. I was living in a rented guest house, but I had to cook on my own. I cook quite well, if the proper ingredients are given. That was a task and a tough one! That’s when PepperTap came to my rescue and I enjoyed my stay even more.

PepperTap is one Grocery App for your smartphones, wherein you can order your basic household needs and get them delivered to your doorstep. It’s a boon for working women who don’t find time to personally go to local Kiryana stores or super markets and get their daily needs. Now all they need is to download this awesome App and order household necessities even while travelling to work or in a mundane meeting, just in case! 😉

I have used it personally so I can definitely claim it to be the best household app in the crowd these days. Awesome pricing, really easy and convenient navigation with a quick check-out option make it worth your time.

IMG_2387 (1)

The categories are comfortably defined into: Fruits & Vegetables, Food & Drink, Breakfast & Dairy, Staples & Spices, Bath & Body, Home & Hygiene and Baby Needs. These categories are sub divided into sections as per products.


I really loved the way this app welcomed me with a Discount Coupon. To top it all, it has seasoned and occasional discounts on categories, which the app even gives notifications for.





There is no minimum value attached to shopping, however if your shopping value is below than Rs. 250, you’d have to pay a minimal cost of Rs. 50 as shipping charges. I am sure you’d find a good range of products and your shopping value would always be more than Rs. 250. 

PepperTap has a variety of Payment options that makes checking-out quite easy and convenient. They have a “Cash-on-delivery” option wherein, you can pay by cash, card or even Sodexo vouchers.



Ordering your products on PepperTap is easier than shopping in a grocery store. All you need is to download the app on you Apple or Androidsmartphones for free and get your needs delivered anywhere in Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Kolkata and Pune as of now. However, this awesomeness is launching soon in other cities too.

This App made me stay in Pune, easy and free of hassles. And I am sure this is going to be your ultimate BFF in handling household shopping. Have a great life and Happy Grocery Shopping!

-Xo, Rashi


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