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OPPOSITES ATTRACT: The Black and White fashion saga

A perpetual classic trend that always seems to manage paparazzi (if executed correctly), no matter what season or year it is. The classic formal wear palette, yes we are talking about BLACK and WHITE. When you think B&W, the first thing that comes to your mind is a CHANEL product. Ever since Coco’s all black Chanel suit with white shirt days, it has been a legacy absolutely followed avidly by her successor Karl Lagerfeld. Obviously this makes the B&W trend a legendary fashion statement.

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In this season full of colors, in fact somehow the excess of it all around, where does one actually take a break and breathe? The answer definitely is a monochromatic neutral palate of B&W. It’s one palette that can be easily found in your wardrobe. Every time we are confused about what to wear, we tend to fall back on either a simple black dress/jacket/pant or white dress/jacket/pants. It’s easy to determine how to actually pair them up, and it’s usually trendier than maybe many articles of clothing that we stupendously invest into, when in vain.

But the fact that monochromatic stands for boring, is a completely false statement. In fact if worn intelligently, it can look chicer than most of your designer outfits. Many designers apart from CHANEL, like CYNTHIA ROWLEY, CAROLINA HERRERA, TRACY REESE, and VERA VANG have been seen sporting this palette in their respective collections. 

BM suggests you to brace this capsule trend as a breather in your everyday clothing. And how do you wear this look correctly..? Well we never let you go empty handed, so here we are with a list of a couple of ways to sport this trend.

1.       Decide the proportion of each color you would prefer. For some it may be whiter, while others would opt for maximum black. You can either divide it between top and bottom or simply go for a slight blocking with the less favorite counterpart.

2.       Try to play around with the proportions of your ensemble. For example you can choose a white loose top and skinny black jeans or white fitted top and black flared pants. Similarly you can swap the colors and try that likewise.

3.       You can also simplify this trend with simple layering with the two colors.

4.       B&W is an amazing way of creating a slimmer silhouette, go for a color blocked B&W dress/ top with black towards the side seams and it will automatically lend you a sleeker form.

5.       Go for an all black or all white top/dress with appliquéd strips or panels of the other color. A hint of the other color would break the monotony of your garment.

6.       Try the amazing patterns/prints available in B&W, which range from the season’s hit Aztec tribal prints to the chevron patterns all over the runway.

7.       Stripes are a huge trend and B&W stripes look absolutely brilliant, but always go for thin stripes and think twice before you use them horizontally.

Lastly, accessorizing this trend comes as a very tricky question. But we always manage to get you the best and most professional answers. So go for antique gold, silver or bronze jewellery, whichever it is that you prefer of yourself. The B&W trend can also be accessorized with belts and bags made of tan leather. The B&W palette in itself looks brilliant in bags, shoes or maybe cuffs and bracelets.  Always remember this look is very uptown, extremely chic so always go for classic understated accessorizing.


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