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Online Crush: 7 signs, he’s smitten too!

We all have that one steaming hot Facebook  friend who's online status gets our hearts racing like the MIG21. Our fingers hit ‘LIKE’ whenever he posts something; even though it’s a picture of a blank wall or a lame "Happy Monday status". Our rational self automatically is set on a snooze mode the minute we log in. Now, as cute as it could be to just chat with him, it might also get agonizingly annoying to wait for his responses to your well rehearsed lines in the chat box.


Analyzing this super serious heart crushing situation, BM decided to come into the picture and help you identify if your crush is really into you or not. So that the next time you log in you can stick along or move on to the next heart throb on the FB canvas.


Sign No. 1: If the "Hello" to your "Hi" comes within 120 seconds, BM gives a Thumbs Up smiley


Sign No. 2: If he likes your pictures and status messages and even goes that extra mile to comment on them, you should keep the wheels moving. Even better, if his ‘Like’ hits your notification box the same day.


Sign No. 3: The Initiator: In his case, you don’t need to initiate the chat every time; he bestows that courtesy upon you quite often himself.


Sign No. 4: He would be eager to know your relationship status and would play the typical "Oh! Your boyfriend looks nice" card. The reply is quite cliche "Oh No! He is just a friend, I’m single". BINGO!



Sign No. 5: Make space for the extra cute compliments coming your way. "Oh! You look pretty in Black" and "You are fun to chat with.." or " Time just flies by while we talk". Trust us there is no turning back from here on.


Sign No. 6: He asks for your number after chatting for almost 2 weeks and more. If the request comes early, IGNORE! He is just plain desperate and looking for some dirty talking on the phone.



Sign No. 7: It has been over 2 weeks and yet no signs of abbreviations like Hmm, K, T2UL,BRB and the most epic one "XYZ is typing"- this one goes on for hours and at the end of hours of staring at the chat screen you get a "Hey Wassup".



Next time you see that pretty face online and your heart skips a beat, make sure you glance through this checklist before hitting the "LIKE" button on his profile picture.


-Rashmi Singh


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