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Hey Men!! Let’s get Pampered

Hey Men!! Let’s get Pampered

Dry skin, chapped lips, cracked heels; winters bring all these and much more to your body. And gone are the days when only women were seen buying cosmetics. Men today are more concerned about their grooming than ever. Welcome the era of a pampered metrosexual male.

Blah and More discovers the basics of self-pampering and grooming to all the male readers. Now you know who all are the newbie BFF’s, all during the chills.


Your skin is too precious to be harmed with strong chemicals found in soaps. BM recommends Fiama Di Wills Men Aqua Pulse Shower Gel that cleanses your skin without drying it. All you are left with is a skin that feels fresh, clean and soft.

Winters make your skin dehydrated and extremely dry. You definitely need a good moisturizer that can provide supple soft skin. We recommend Vaseline Body Lotion for Men. We are sure you would love all the three variations; cooling hydration, fast absorbing, and extra strength. All these can be used both, on your body and face skin.

Whoever assumed ‘face-wash’ is found only in women toiletries, needs to think again. Facial skin is softer than that of body and is different for both Men and women. Thus, a man too needs a face-wash made especially for his skin tone.  Thanks to Garnier that now even men can have clean and clear faces by using a face-wash apt for their skin tones. These come in variations like, anti-pollution, oil-free and fairness.

The next in face cleaning regime comes a facial-scrub to remove impurities and black-heads. We simply love The Body Shop for its Vitamins range. The latest entrant is a Face scrub especially generated for men. The ingredients like Vitamin A, E and B would give you a soft, nourished and cleaner facial skin.

Moisturizing keeps your skin healthy and young for longer. Thus after cleansing and scrubbing comes moisturizing. Loreal brings this amazing moisturizer White Activ especially for men. This not only hydrates the skin but also has whitening effect and an SPF20.

The most common problem in winters is that of chapped lips and cracked heels.  Prolonged state of dry skin can even cause skin to break which may lead to bleeding. A lip balm and foot cream can prevent the dangerous skin damage. We love Himalaya Foot Care Cream, as it has the advantages of fenugreek, Sal tree and turmeric, which give soft and supple skin in just three days.

For lips we recommend Nivea Active Lip Care for Men. It nourishes the lips with ingredients like vitamin E and comes in a handy pack that can be carried always.

Last but never the least comes an EDT. We’re sure you can never say no to Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme for obvious reasons. The man, who smells good, looks good.

Rashi Gaur


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