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No Smoking – Four Deadly Reasons


‘Smoking kills slowly, but who’s in a hurry?’

A saying that most of the youngsters follow today. According to the research, the number of smoking people around the country is increasing on a shocking rate. And more shocking is the fact that forty five percent of smokers are females today.

These females are not scared of the consequences, be it be as dangerous as ‘Lung Cancer’. But Hullo! smoking does much more to you than just scaring you of ‘Slow Death’. Blah and More reveals four major reasons why you should quit smoking immediately. And yes, we are not talking about Lung Cancer.  


Age Me In: Can you count the lines on your face growing in number each day. Or you constantly keep cribbing about your neck or back pain? All thanks to your smokes. Medical researchers say that smoking causes pre-mature ageing and heavy calcium deficiency, especially in women.

No Preggers Bells: Blame it onto the busy lifestyles and the desire to stay young forever, the average age of first time mothers is going up by 2 years with every passing year. And to make it worse, researchers say, that smoking one cigarette per day reduces the chances of conceiving by 1%.

Smiles but No Smiles: Did you notice that your teeth have become yellow? Soon they would become brown and then grey. And all thanks to your smokes, those teeth-less days are not far because of your calcium deficiency as well. How many smokers can live without smiling, any guesses?

Beauty and the Beast: Hair fall, Pimples and Acne on skin, Pale and dry skin, Colorless nails; smoking does all these and much more to your natural beauty. And the worse news is, there is no cure to these other than quitting smoking.

We cannot say about the speed, but smoking kills you every day, slow or fast. And not to mention the deadly Lung Cancer, it kills you as a healthy person.

Quit Smoking – It’s not you but the cigarette that smokes the life out of you!

Rashi Gaur


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