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My Journey with The ‘Little Black Dress’

Oh! My Little Black Dress..I love thee..!!

The days have been dull and drab and the scorching heat has made it even worse. But I have my drugs like fashion, brutal workout and coffee that keep me going. Also, I am getting over the trends frenzy. Guess, I can’t hold on to one thing for long.

I need some antidote to avoid banalities of life and something that will make me go gaga. Anyway, coming back to my wardrobe, I peruse it for long to recreate a new style. Something hits me hard. You know what? We all have at least one classic outfit we never want to let it go. That one piece in the wardrobe that you swear by and want to hold on to it, forever.

little black dress

For me, it is the little black dress, my favorite go-to item. During my teen years, I used to fantasize about a little black dress that would fit me like a dream. Over the years, I have gained sartorial independence and my style sensibilities have matured. I have made myself, by working out harder and gobbled down oodles of confidence.

Today, my little black dress is the most treasured piece with which I share an emotional connection. LBD is not just an LBD but it is the reflection of where I have been. It is how I have seen the world, made milestones and accomplished many things. You know whatever you do through your own capabilities, means the world to you no matter, how small it is for others.

It reminds me of definite moments in my life. I wore it to my first date and for so many parties that got me loads of compliments. Black always owns the night.

Today this body-con like dress defines my hourglass figure. It is an expression of my individuality. I have styled it in endless ways from layering it with a blazer, accessorizing with chunky jewelry for a funky and playful look, to ladylike dressing with pearls. I have even worn it with a sequined clutch in hot pink hues and red pumps for a mish-mashed look. I just love it, the way this little piece intrigues me and the way I can dress it up or dress it down.

I am sure everyone has a treasured piece in their wardrobe which they cannot detach from themselves. I am waiting for something new that will stimulate my senses which are always pumped up with fashion and style. But as of now, I am wallowing in the joy of my forever-lasting Little Black Dress.

Love – Berry



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