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8 Must-Have Summer Essentials

The temperatures are soaring and the sun is pouring all its harshness in the name of “Summer Season”. Where coping up with the heat becomes the top most priority, we bring your way, eight most essential products to keep yourself safe and sound, all during the season.

  1. Sunblock: A good sunblock is like an oxygen to your skin, all during the season. Not only it keeps your skin safe against the harsh damages of the sun, it also keeps your skin, PH balanced. Always consider the SPF contents before buying one for yourself. It differentiates the product, according to the skin-type and the amount of exposure to the sun. BM simply loves Lotus  Intensive Sun Block Spray SPF 50 UVA-Index 16; MRP 265.
  2. Sunglasses: Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your body, and are most prone to the dust, pollution and heat during summers. Keep them safe using a pair of Sunglasses. These would keep your eyes safe and give your look, a stylish lift. All our votes go to  Large oval frame sunglasses from Gucci, with 100%  UVA/UVB protection. Price on request.
  3. Scarf: One most important accessory for your everyday, is a scarf. Not only to keep your look stylish, but also to cover yourselves up from the harsh clutches of pollution and dust. We love this Blue Scarf from Topshop. Price on request.
  4. Hair Care: The heat and pollution during the season make hair dry, frizzy and unmanageable. And then starts the damage. Repairing your hair and preventing them from further damage is now easier. BM recommends this great product range from L‘oreal. The Smooth Intense shampoo, 200 ml is priced at 130 INR. The Smooth Intense conditioner, 180 ml is available for 150 INR and Smooth Intense serum, 100 ml is priced at 240 INR
  5. Body Care: The UV rays of the sun are harmful enough for the skin to even cause heavy damage. So the solution is as simple as keeping your body skin, supple and nourished, all during the year. Moisturising your body skin regularly, keeps the unwanted problems of wrinkles and stretch marks, away. Our votes go to these products in skin care category. The Strawberry Body Polish, from Body Shop is an easy and affordable option where a 200 ml pack is available for 465 INR. Whereas, British Nanny Body Butter from Lush also has a SPF30 range and a pack of 45 grams is priced at 3800 INR
  6. Lip Care: Lips are an important factor for beauty. And keeping them moisturised and healthy becomes all the way, more important during this harsh season. Nivea has been serving our skin problems for over a century now. Our favourite product is Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm. It moisturises the lips and keep them soft and glossy, for hours. A pack of 4.8 grams is available at 129 INR
  7. Keeping away the Sweat: One major problem that comes with this season is sweat. Not only it ruins the freshness, it brings odour with itself. Keeping the embarrassment away was never this easier, as it is with Nivea Whitening Roll-on Anti Perspirant. Not only it keeps the sweat away for up to 48 hours, it has Licorice extracts that give a whitening effect to your damaged underarm skin. A pack of 50 ml is priced at 165 INR.
  8. Moisturiser:  A well moisturised skin is always the healthy skin, as moisturising retains the glow and softness. One must use a good moisturiser, even during the summers, to keep away the dryness and thus, wrinkles on the skin.  BM loves Garnier Oil Free Moisturiser, for a hydrated and healthy looking skin. A pack of 75 ml is priced at 140 INR.

Rashi Gaur


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