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Meaning of Purple Colors of the Flowers

Flowers are not limited to variety and colors. But you can get different flowers in different colors. These flowers have their own language and that helps us to convey a message to others. Different people have different choices of flowers and their colors. The purple color is one of the best colors that people love very much. This color is considered royal and it symbolizes dignity, tradition, and success. If you will gift purple flowers to someone then it will show admiration and adoration. You can use this color flowers to please someone and florists will help you to get stylish and beautiful arrangements. You can use purple color for online flowers delivery for any purpose like for wedding, for gifting bouquet to someone, and for other occasions also. There is the list of some beautiful purple flowers that you can give to anyone on different occasions:

Purple Lotus Flower:


From centuries lotus flower is considered as the religious symbol in Eastern cultures. This beautiful flower comes in many colors. The purple Lotus symbolizes inner journeys and mysticism. If you want to encourage someone to be more creative at work then you can gift this flower to convey your message. Its eight petals also show the eightfold path to enlightenment. Next time if you want to encourage someone then you should send bunch of purple lotus. These purple flowers surely boost the recipient to be more creative.

Purple Lily:


The purple color was rare dye in an earlier time and this is the reason it is considered as the color for royal families only. This beautiful lily flower also a symbol of royalty. This flower in this purple color symbolizes royal bearing, dignity, and grace. This is the best combination to impress others.

Purple Rose:


Roses are beautiful and come in different colors. But deep purple blooms you can get after use of dye.  You can use these charming flowers to occasions like anniversary to impress couple. These flowers would be best choice when you want to celebrate 25th wedding Anniversary of someone. The natural purple color shows achievement, calmness, and dream. The purple roses look different and exquisite.


lavender flower

This lavender plant is the symbol of calmness and dignity. These purple blooms also show serenity.  You can sniff the lavender scented candle to calm yourself and this will help to remove all the stress. When you will send the fresh bundle of lavender to someone then this will show that you want to see that person in peace. You can also send dried buds of this plant and this can be used for tea. Having tea with lavender is very beneficial. Your family or friends feel delighted after receiving this.

Purple Hibiscus:


Purple hibiscus is full of delicate beauty. This is also called “Rose of Sharon” and symbolizes life, inspiration, and fleeting nature of love. You can add this in the bouquet to inspire any student to learn more. This will be perfect to motivate someone in their life. 


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