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“Days can be long, but the trend today is short.”

Trends keep on pacing up and down. Only some influence your style. This long story crop is surely one of them. BM finds out more about the trend-

What are cropped tops?

Cropped tops are blouses or t-shirts made with shorter lengths that usually fall above the naval showing off the abdomen.  Influenced from men’s football jerseys in the 80s for the players to survive the temperatures, soon women were seen flaunting them in the 90s. Heard belly shirt, midriff shirt, tummy top, short shirt, cut-off shirt and anything similar that crosses you mind, they are all crop tops.



The many styles of Crop tops

Crop tops are not just short t-shirts, but also include sweaters, shirts, corsets, tanks, jackets etc. Then, one can also find different kinds of crop tops based on the inspiration-  printed, vintage looking, retro inspired, biker styled etc. giving multiple ways to dot on them.


Dramatics crop tops

Crop tops are an easy way to dress casually and look sexy at the same time. Also, you get plus points if you have a naval ring or sexy abs. Though, they also might reveal the hip tattoo you got done when unconscious.



Casual, Smart or Sexy. What are you?

Finding the right length of a cropped top is a must. An inch or two above the midriff can do the job. Pair them up with high-waisted bottoms or skirts to get a casual and free look. Wearing cardigan over a bustier crop top makes it look smart. For a sexier and bold look, tuck the crop tops under your bust like an ethnic blouse style. Crop tops are an easy charm when there can be some of naval gazing.


The modesty question!

Yes, there is always a modesty question. How much is too much? No style should look forced upon but should be embraced beautifully. When not uncomfortable, crop tops can always be worn over tank tops of longer length. You can layer and still wear crop tops to get into the trend and look amazing.


Long story crop! Get one for yourself today.


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