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Life’s ORGANICE(D); Love it More!

Organice – Concept being loved everywhere today

Majority of us are poor on the resource called time, and always wish for a much organized and coordinated life. But only a very few actually find out time to invest. And out of those very few, we have Riddhi Doshi, 26 and Mita Doshi, 46, who work towards making everyone’s life organized with their one of its kind, concept store, Organice.


This mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo started off with their venture organice that promises to design products that help us save those precious seconds and that very useful space.   

Ask Riddhi about organice and she chirpily replies, “Someone once said that your life is the best university. My mother in law – Mita Doshi is the best example of that. She may not have a degree in fashion or fabric but her sensibility in these fields is unmatched. She knows how to combine a great looking fabric and making sure it’s practical to use too. She really took an interest in fabrics, texture, thread and ribbons. Her creativity combined with my finance and marketing know-how that I acquired from a degree in business from Manchester Business School makes an accomplished team. I would like to give credit to the dynamism of the city we have been residing since donkey years. Bombay can be both infectious and inspiring. In between the entire hustle bustle lifestyle the need to look chic and trendy gave us an idea of ORGANICE.

BM’s Every Girl Must-Have: BAG SWITCHER™ 

Like most of the inventions in the world, this one was also created to fulfil our need for convenience and comfort.

The “Bag Switcher” saves those, “my phone’s ringing in my bag and I can’t find it” moments and eliminates those “oh no, forgot my license in my other bag” situations. A BAG SWITCHER™ has around six compartment-type pockets along with a key hanger and a chained compartment where you can load your essentials. This pouch fits into your handbag. The next time you switch bags, all you need to do is grab the switcher by its small handles and transfer it to your next handbag. The moment you put your hand in the handbag to find you compact powder you know exactly where to look for it. The key hanger is my favourite feature, no more looking around and toppling the entire bag to find the car keys, especially when you parked in the wrong spot and someone’s honking from behind. The Bag Switcher ensures that you will not waste precious time managing your handbag when you can spend that time doing more important things like deciding on what shoes to wear on any particular day.

Apart from being the next best thing that could happen to a girl after her fantastic bags, these Switchers from Organice can be customized according to your need… different colours, more or less pockets, different fabrics and different designs.

Other Lovelies at ORGANICE

ORGANICE was launched by introducing Bag Switcher to the Indian Apparel Market. Very soon it was realized that every fashionista loves a product that can help her blend fashion with comfort. This duo launched various chic products to satisfy these fashionistas.

WASH ME WEAR ME: A sweet way to organise lingerie for the elegant traveller… No more shuffling through luggage to recall what's new & what's worn! One half of this bag is for dirties, the others for cleanies. Both sides zip up, and the entire thing squashes easily into a suitcase.                                                            

BLING IT Hanger: This hanger is handy for organising your jewellery; Keeps your earrings, necklaces and bracelets separated and easy to access. You can hang it in your wardrobe, on a door knob or hook. You can even buy multiple hangers and categorise all your jewellery into day, night and fun. The hangers finish prevents tarnish and damage to your jewellery. A must have for any accessories love                                         

MUGANIZERS: Messy tables are a thing of the past with ORGANICE latest creation – THE MUGANIZER!

This neat coffee cup cover (cup not included) fits most standard coffee cups. With multiple pockets on both the inside and outside of the mug it makes a great desk top organizer. Use it for office supplies, sewing supplies or any hobby you have.                                                                   

DOOR KNOB ORGANIZER: Never again have to madly search for your keys and stuff when you need to rush out the door! The Door knob organizer is a hanging reminder and organizer for the doorknob. Just put everything right on the door the night before such as your keys, cheque book, and to-do list to save you a few precious minutes in the morning. Ideal for keys, eyeglasses, cell phones, palm-held devices, music players, even envelopes or newspapers fit into the strip at the back!                                                      

Butterfly Scarf Hanger: If you get flustered when searching through your wardrobe and drawers for just the right scarf to top off your outfit, you need this pretty butterfly organiser. Clearly visible, the scarves drape loose and untangled and choosing one is much easier than rummaging through drawers. Can also be used to hold belts              

Let’s get ORGANICE(d) this Festive Season

Bag Switcher Combo (12” +8”) definitely is something that ORGANICE would like to call as its Best Selling Product. Recently they have designed an ORGANICE HAMPER. The hamper is a perfect gift choice this DIWALI. It is a beautiful basket that consists of Switchers, Jewellery organizer, Wire Manager and Bag Holders. It is a basket full of organization solutions.


Delivery: All over India.

Customized Bag takes about 5-7 days to be delivered (within Bombay delivery is free).

Email them your requirements on or call on +91 9920444477.

BM Team


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