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Let Briefs be your BFF!

Is your Panty line showing off from your tight-fitting pants? Does your pencil skirt reveal all the flesh that hangs loose from the sides of your underwear? Is your bottom wear showing more than needed? Is your answer to all the above questions, a “Yes”, this ultimate Lingerie Counsellor is here for you.

Love for Low-Rise:  If your love for low-rise bottom wear is increasing every day, and your briefs keep flaunting themselves out, you should bid adieu to your under wear. Low –rise briefs is the ultimate solution to your problem. They are comfortable, stylish and keep themselves intact inside your bottom wear. Say ‘No’ to brief show with Low Waist Bikini Style Briefs.

Seams seem Ugly: Stop feeling embarrassed by the impression of the under wear shown on your outer garment. After all, your dress is too pretty to be spoiled by the ugly edges, which are supposed to be hidden inside. A seamless or invisible brief is an apt solution to all those beautiful dresses gone ugly by the seam-show. Keep yourself comfortable with No Panty Line Bikini Brief and get a smooth look outside.

Another product that is being loved for its virtual invisibility is Thongs. It has a narrow strip of fabric in the back and has a V shape. It tapers to a thin strip by the time it reaches the crotch, thereby exposing the cheeks of your bottom. So now, you can wear those figure-hugging pants and feel proud on your fuller bum. We recommend Springtime Net Thong Briefs to flaunt your sexiness.

Skirt Show: Love to show your sexy legs in a skimpy skirt; But each time you take out your skirt, you do not find an under wear to match up to your requirements? You definitely are reading the right blog. Now wear your favourite skimpy skirt without wondering about the extra skin show by wearing a pair of Boy shorts beneath. They resemble shorts and offer full coverage in a modern silhouette, like skirts. BM suggests Boy shorts Briefs, for the next time you feel confused about wearing that cute skirt.

From Flab to Fab: Are you blessed with a much fuller body and you feel conscious about wearing your all-time favourite dresses? Now you can fool the world and get a perfect body by wearing a Shaper Brief. It is designed to give a perfect shape to your thighs and bum by uplifting those areas. The shaper brief is a boon to all you women who always dream of a perfect figure. Our favourite product under this category is Shape Sensation Body Shaper.

All White: Ever felt embarrassed when your white underwear does a Sneak-Peek from your White skirt or trousers? The problem lies in the myth that White underwear must be worn inside your white bottoms to hide the embarrassment. The solution is Nude color underwear that matches with your skin. BM loves Nude Hipster Briefs.

-Rashi Gaur


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