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Kiehl’s in Pune – 5 reasons why we smiled!

They say ‘Good things take time’ and there can be no example closest to this quote that Kiehl’s India opened up their first store in Pune recently. I attended their store launch and was amazed looking at the vast range of products. Not even a single skin problem is left out to target. They have products for each and every problem area. And you know you’re blessed when these products have all natural ingredients.

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Pointing out one good thing about the evening at Kiehl’s Pune store is a little difficult. So, BM thought of exploring a bit of this bundle of ‘all good things together’.

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Wide Categories: Apart from the super awesome products, Kiehl’s is known for its wide product category. It has organic skin care products that serve not only women’s skin problem but it has an entire range dedicated to our dear men as well. And to our surprise, we also found a teeny-weeny section for babies too. And you’d be surprised to hear their side of story, in which they have products for pets like dogs and horses too.

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Personalized Skin Consultation: Either you buy the products or not, Kiehl’s store is surely going to hit your delight by their personalized skin care consultation and that too by experts. It is an experience you’d love to have. I got to know a lot about my skin after a twenty minutes discussion with the team.

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Mr. Bones: Quite striking and equally cute, Kiehl’s brand ambassador welcomes you to the store. Mr. Bones is a skeleton dressed in a doctor’s robe, is a symbol of first ever Kiehl’s customer in the world. He is a humorous and witty guy. We loved him totally!

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Visual Merchandising: Apart from the other wonderful things, Kiehl’s store in Pune grabbed our attention with its striking and super cool visual merchandising. Where apart from Mr. Bones smiling out wide, we had a representation of organic and natural ingredients placed in beakers and jars. What actually made us smile were real customers’ testimonials placed across the store.


Kiehl’s Goodie Bag: Not only Kiehl’s gave us an awesome experience at the store, they said their “good Bye’ to us with a very cool Goodie Bag. It has travel packs of all the popular Kiehl’s products, which I believe is a good way for any skin care customer. They get to try the products and decide on the one that suits them perfectly. Apart from the products, it had an orange and a few sachets of green tea – there couldn’t be a better way to say “Have a Healthy and Beautiful Skin”.


Amidst all the glamour and color of fashion stores in Phoenix Market City, there is a store that makes you fall in love with yourself, starting at the base – skin.

–          Rashi Gaur


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